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Netbackup 6.5.6 + Vsphere 4.1 compatibility

Level 3

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone can advise on my following query.

Our environment - 

Master server 6.5.6

VCB Proxy running NBU6.5.6 and VCB 1.5 Update2

VMware farm ESX server 3i,  3.5

There is a planned upgrade to Vsphere 4.1 for our VMware farm and we are currently running Nbu 6.5.6. Do we need to upgrade to Nbu 7?

As I understand it VCB is supported up to Vsphere 4.1 but I'm unclear on what level NBU is required.

Reading Brian Smiths blog Q&A has thrown me and I can't seem to get a definitive answer -

Q: Will previous NetBackup versions support vSphere 4.1?
A: No. Before upgrading to vSphere 4.1, NetBackup must be upgraded to 7.0.1.

If VCB is supported to Vsphere 4.1 and NBU6.5.6 uses VCB then is there a requirement to got to NBU7 to satisfy an upgrade of Vsphere4.1?



Level 5

I don't believe it's supported. I haven't tested it, but VCB may not work in ESX 4.1 as it does currently in 4.0 and 3.5, and since you're running NBU 6.5.4 you are using VCB. 

Level 3

Hi Tim, I found this on the VMware site -

VMware Consolidated Backup. VMware has extended the end of availability timeline for VCB and added VCB support for vSphere 4.1. VMware will continue to support VCB 1.5 Update 2 for vSphere 4.1 and its subsequent update and patch releases through the end of their lifecycles. Support is extended in accordance with the VMware support policy for the VMware Infrastructure 3 platform. New major or minor versions of the vSphere platform beyond vSphere 4.1 will not be supported with VCB.

Why do you feel/think VCB wont work for 4.1 - I'm interested in your opinion.

I need to advise whether we will require an upgrade to Nbu7 (We plan an NBU 7 upgrade but not just now) if a planned upgrade to vsphere 4.1 happens.



Level 6

You should if VCB supports 4.1, still be able to continue along the path of NBU 6.5.x.  VCB support is even still in NBU7.  Though, vStorage is 5x better than VCB ever was!  I'd suggest accelerating the NBU7 upgrade if you can, as vstorage is just that much better.

Level 3

Yip, totally agree!! but it all comes down to cost!!!

Nbu7 will happen for us but Vsphere 4.1 will happen sooner. Thanks for the responses.