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Netbackup 7.6 upgrade POC in LAB

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I have been assigned for Netbackup 7.6 POC in LAB.

Master Server - Linux

OpenStroage - DataDomain ( common between Master server and LAB), separate disk pool created for LAB


1. Recover image database from production to LAB.

2. Configure client is LAB and backup started working fine.

3. As next step, I run NBCC and send file to Symantec.

4. Symantec found errors in NBCC, "Tape Media reference in image datbase doesn't exists in EMM database", ofcourse we didn't perform full recovery so EMM database in LAB is diferent from production.

5. Symantec suggested to do Full recovery.

6. I did Full recovery but it impacted production because LAB env. can acces production.

I stoped eveything in LAB. We can't go by EMM database recovery in LAB and can't proceed before NBCC.

Any suggestions how to proceed in this scenario.







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6. I did Full recovery but it impacted production 

How it is impacted the Production ?

We can't go by EMM database recovery in LAB

may i know what makes to you comeup with this statement? does this because LAB can access the production?

why dont you to stop the communication between the LAB and production?

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Did you tell Support that this is LAB environment and that you don't have all Production resources in this environment?

I believe that Recovery without Import is your best bet.

See this TN for steps to follow:

Not a good idea to make NBU believe that 2 environments have access to same DD images, right?

What is the purpose of full or partial catalog recovery in LAB environment when it is not a DR situation?


Level 3

Thanks for your reply


I have recovered with complete recovery (including EMM) in DR. I have decomissioned all the media servers in LAB. Everything is working fine but one issue

After recovery, in nbemmcmd -listhosts , 4 master servers names are showing. (2nodes or production and 2 nodes of LAB). In netbackup it is showing production nodes are media server. Production nodes are with FQDN so I have changed the hosts files of LAB masters server so that it can point back to LAB nodes only and not communicate to production

Not sure how can I removed production nodes and keep only LAB node.

In NBCC there is no error, I have to upgrade LAB to Netbackup 7.6. Not sure will it impact the upgrade process or after upgrade.