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Netbackup Avamar comparison

After running a report in Netbackup i would like to compair Kilobytes to the Avamar report.

Avamar reports Bytes protected and Bytes New. 

Bytes Protected is significanty more and bytes new is signigicantly less.

What does the Kilobytes column represent?

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Re: Netbackup Avamar comparison

I thought I'd run a little test.  Env: NetBackup v8.1.1 on Windows Server 2019.

I created four test folders, and placed small dummy test files, and created four backup policies, and pointed all four policies to plain DSU storage unit.

The backup results were:

test#folders#filesdesc. of filesbackup #filesbackup KB
111one file of zero bytes27
2110,000all zero bytes10,00125,004
3110,000all one byte10,00125,004
4110,000all 1018 bytes10,00135,004



1) NetBackup counts folders in the "Files" column of Activity Monitor, i.e. "Files" is a misnomer, as it is actually a "leaf object" count and not strictly a "file count".

2) NetBackup has, or reports as having, an overhead of around 2.5 KB of NTFS meta data per leaf object - which makes sense as NetBackup saves file properties such as dates and owner and folder/file access permissions etc.