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Netbackup for vmware

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Hi Experts

Recently we have started using Netbackup for VMware, We are testing on one Cluster, Backup are running fine. I have a query Netbackup for VMware takes snapshot backups at the VM level. If there is a requirement to store individual files or folder how is it possible.? Does it require any agent to be installed on OS level if so what agent and version?


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This doc explains in detail how to do that:

NetBackup for VMware Administrator's Guide

As addendum to Marianne's post, you may check following doc
DOCUMENTATION: Support for NetBackup 7.x and 8.x in virtual environments

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In the vmware policy go to vmware >optimizations > select file recovery from vmbackup for individual file level backup. 

I would suggest enable all the 4 options and try to take the backup using vmdisplay name.  for the restore of indivdual file and folder would work only when the agent is installed. 

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Hi I'm not quite sure to understand the question.

If there is a requirement to store individual files or folder how is it possible.?

So instead of backing up the whole vGuest with Snapshot, you wan't only to backup some content within the vGuest? If this is the case, utilize a Agent based backup there you can select what to backup.

If you mean on how to restore on idividual files, you need to have the client installed on the vGuest (Dosen't matter if you use it then for backing up or not) but you will use it for single file restores. So if you do not want to utilize Filebased restore and only restore always thow whole vGuest. Don't install it, we install it on all vGuests just for the purpose of restore.