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POA to migrate data from on-prm to cloud

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Hello Team,

we have around 76 Tb data, earlier customer  asked us  that we need this much data for 3 months retention period and so we have put that data in one of storage (temporary for three months only) but now client want us to increase the retention for 7 years and we cannot increase to 7 years on that storage. we do have appliances but that also dont have this much space.

client suggest us AWS option to migrate that 76 Tb of data to glacier.

i have gone through couple of docs like how to integrate AWS with netbackup? How to configure cloud catalyst means what would be the pre-requisites? what would be the cost?

is there any other method to migrate data to cloud  w/o configuring cloud catalyst through netbackup? which is lesser in cost!!

has anyone did this?if yes, can you please share the POA?


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Sorry Typo mistake,

Master server is Solaris, nbu version : 8.1.2

Can we configure netbackup cloud catalyst on solaris master server with 8.1.2 version?

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CloudCatalyst will work with a Solaris Master.  

You can do this without CC, but I wouldnt.  Your storage costs will be exponentially higher if you do.  

There's several ways you could go about this.  Do they want to be able to recover in the cloud at all?  If not, at a high level you can add a CC Media server attached to the AWS storage and bpduplicate the images over.  Then setup SLPs for net new images with different retention for local vs cloud stored images.

VCS, NBU & Appliances

Hello Vtas,

currently we have 76Tb data housed on netbackup appliance 5340 at DR site that we need to duplicate on cloud storage.

we are thinking to go like below.. can you please add your comments on below..

Firstly, we will build a Linux VM box at source side which we will configure as a cloud catalyst media server and will attach storage with this server which work as a MSDP.

post that we will perform reverse replication from DR appliance to source CC media server and at source side we will create SLP with two operation one is import and next is duplicate. once the replicated images been imported successfully then duplicate operation will start work and upload the images to the cloud storage (probably glacier)

is it looks good? can we go like this? please suggest

further, if in future any restore request will come, can we directly perfrom restore from cloud storage?

can we perform restore instantly or we need to give buffer time to amazon first?

i tried to explore this but didn't get any satisfactory answer, if anyone has anything on this please share.

or if anyone has any prizing model of amazon for all cloud storage then please share that as well!!





We have finalized that we will go with cloud catalyst storage server.

So we need to configure cloud catalyst storage server at source side that will duplicate the data to cloud .
Is Deduplicated data will be uploaded to cloud??
Can we used Linux VM to configure as cloud catalyst storage server??
Is any MSDP server needs to configure at cloud side??

Any prerequisites and configuration technote that will be helpful here with respect to netbackup and cloud side?