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Question about Policy\Jobs

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Comming from the ArcServe world... I was able to select which folders on which servers without it trying to backup the same folder on each server as is the case with netbackup. (one policy with all the servers in that one policy)


I know that you can have a policy for each client\server if you like. That would eliminate the problem of trying to backup files that are not there.


My question is...... Is that normal operating procedure for netbackup? As in, have a policy for each server?

And along those lines..will netbackup keep running all the policies to the same tape until that tape is full? Or will it try to mount a new tape for each policy? 


Thanks for any input..Just trying to get our backup scheme nailed down.


Level 4

You can have a policy that has all your client servers on it with a default backup location, for example, you can setup a policy for backing up the system states and include all of the servers in this policy instead of creating additional policies for each.


As for all the policies being backed up on a single tape or multiple tapes, this depends on what policy storage they belong too and if you have tapes set to that policy or scratch pool (scratch pool meaning that any backup policy can call that tape to be used and changed to that storage group). Once a tape is full NBU will grab another one to backup too.


hope this helps.

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Level 6

HutchMD, there are many different ways of runnning NetBackup.  Placing many servers in a single policy reduces the configuration complexity a lot if you can do that.  Other admins put every server in its own policy (or more than one in some cases).


I have a lot of linux clients that all get backed up similarly (ALL_LOCAL_FILES), so they're in a single "linux" policy.


I have a lot of NDMP machines that get backed up differently (each one has a different set of filesystems that is stored).  Those are each in their own policy.


No, you can't override the filelist for a particular server in a policy.  You need to either move it to another policy or in some cases add it to a second policy.


Volumes aren't segregated by policy.  You can have images from many different policies on the same volume.  All that is required is that the policies use the same volume pool and unless you've overriden stuff, they all need to have the same retention policy.




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Thanks for the help.