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Re: Symantec Private Branch Exchange service could not be started

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I am facing the same issue. Was anyone able to resolve this?NBU version 8.2


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I have moved your comment from this post to a new discussion because the OP stopped responding to requests for more info and relevant logs. 

Please give us more info - is this a server or client? 
Which OS?
Has it ever worked? 

The entire setup is on azure. New deployment.
We have deployed NBU 8.2 on windows 2016 server.
We installed NBU client on a w2k12 server without any errors. However Veritas private branch exchange service won't start.
In the event log we see error event 7024 with description as "The Veritas private branch exchange terminated with service specific error. The storage control block is invalid. "

Things we tried
1. Reinstalled NBU client still same issue.
2. Made entry of loopback address in host file localhost.
3. Replaced pbxservice.Cmd from NBU server to NBU client.

Still same issue. It never worked.

Have you examined the PBX log files found here C:\Program Files (X86)\VERITAS\VxPBX\log - there may be some additional clues in there.

I have checked the logs.


The only thing that looks amiss in  the logs is line:
PBX_Manager::open, external IPV6 endpoint failed.,0:,2,(0|)

Not really sure what this is implying other than some kind of IPv6 issue

A couple of things to check:

  1. Is there any other service running on port 1556 (used and required by PBX)?
  2. Are IPv4 and/or IPv6 enabled in the network stack (shouldn't matter either way)?


When you deployed the client software, did you generate a certificate during setup, or skip that option? If PBX isn't connecting, I don't see how you could have setup the client during initial config.

Do you have IPv6 disabled in NetBackup? I ran into an issue similar to this with CloudCatalyst. We were able to set it up, everything worked fine, then we disabled IPv6 from the Admin Console and immediately starting having issues.