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Regarding restore form VTL

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HI All,

I am having a problem while restoring a database from a VTL tape library it is showing me below error

 Error bptm (pid=2036) cannot successfully position tape XXXXXX after retries, tape may be bad


I am also not sure that problem is related to Ntebackup but I am hoping that some of you might encounter this problem in your environment also.





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"I am also not sure that problem is related to Ntebackup"

I totally agree -  I am pretty sure that there's something wrong on the VTL side...

To troubleshoot, we need to know your NBU and OS versions as well the following:

Please ensure that you have bptm log dir on the media server as well as VERBOSE entry in vm.conf. (NBU needs to be restarted after adding VERBOSE entry.)
Media Manager errors will be logged to Event Viewer on Windows media server and syslog on Unix media server.

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I agree also ...

Typically positioning errors are down to one of two things :



NBU has very very little to do with tape operations, these are handled by the operating system/ drivers and firmware.

I know of only one issue with NBU causing a positioning error, this is a known issue and there is an EEB to fix.  It only affects Windows/ Linux, Solaris is unaffected (not sure about HP) and is only at NBU versions 6.5.6 and 7.0.1.  However this reported as 'tape has reached physical end of media' which is not what you report.  It will only effect backups, not restores.  In fact, even this is not a true positioning error, NBU simly has the wrong number of images stored for that tape, and so when it tries to position it doesn't find the logical end of data mark it is looking for.

I would call a true positioning error one where NBU tries to position to say block 123 but ends up a block 122 or similar.

Has anything changed in the environment recently ?



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Are you able to see the SCSI sense keys returned from the VTL ?. This will help us identify if it's logical or physical error.

You can a find a high level list on wikipedia:

As some devices uses unique codes, you may have to get the official SCSI manual from the VTL manufacture.

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HI All,

Thanks for your suggestion but after an exhausting digging we found that issue is regarding to a set of media which are created from a Same DISK so now we are suspecting the issue with the DISK so a case is logged with the VTL Vendor.

Will let you the solution of this problem.