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Restore Successful but i cant see the file .NSF

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Hi Guys,

I restored a .NSF file which is lotus into Lotus Domino Server

I created a testing folder on the desktop for the location. After successful restore as per netbackup console i cannot see the file that i restored.

Please help us. thanks




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You need to give us more info. 

Can you please take screenshots of the entire restore process? 
Firstly the source and destination client screen, and the the last screen with restore path. 

I'm not sure that restore of .nsf file is supported to a folder that is not part of Lotus Domino database structure. 
Best to read up in the NBU for Lotus Domino manual about supported restore options. 

Hi @ Marianne

We created a folder in the desktop of lotus domino Server because we dont know if we restore the .NSF file to its original location, is there any conflict on the other .nsf existing file?

So we try first to restore it in the outside which is in the desktop. then the admin will be the one to put it in the lotus domino databases.

We already tried to restore it from the client it self which domino server and from the NBU console.

But same result. Successful Restore but no .nsf file in that folder.


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I am not a Lotus Domino expert. 
You will need to check if restore is supported to a regular folder outside of Domino.

To know what exactly NBU has done with the restored file, please ensure that you have enabled logging. 
You need to have the following log folders:
On master : bprd  (restart NBU after creating the folder) 
On Destination client : tar 
Increase logging level to 3 before attempting another restore.

bpbrm and bptm logs on the media server might also be useful, but above 2 logs should be sufficient to see what is happening. 

Please copy logs to .txt files - bprd.txt, tar.txt and upload as attachments after next restore attempt. 

Hi @Marianne 

Anything that can help us is much appreciated.

Here's the logs that we gathered. Please see attached files

Thank you,

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The important info that I am looking for will be in bprd on the master and tar on the client. 

In tar log on client, we need to see where the tar process put the restored files. 

This info will not be logged in bpbrm or bptm. 

bpbrm is helpful in the sense that we can see other important logs on the client:
/C/Program Files/Veritas/NetBackup/logs/ALTPATH/ALTPATH.015
/C/Program Files/Veritas/NetBackup/logs/user_ops/Admin000/logs/NBWIN008

Above 2 files as well as tar log on the client should point us in the right direction. 


Look at this: 

<2> non_mpx_restore: from client kmpcdomino: INF - TAR RESTORED 0 OF 1 FILES SUCCESSFULLY
<2> non_mpx_restore: from client kmpcdomino: INF - TAR KEPT 1 EXISTING FILES
 <2> non_mpx_restore: from client kmpcdomino: INF - TAR PARTIALLY RESTORED 0 FILES
<2> non_mpx_restore: from client kmpcdomino: INF - TAR EXITING WITH STATUS = 0 - the requested operation was successfully completed

So, we need the logs on the client to see path names. 
The restore was going to a path where the .nsf file already exists.
Overwrite was not permitted.