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Restoring from a different master s3

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We are currently using a configuration that conists of a Master Server and Media Server in one subnet (1A) and a Master and Media in a separate subnet (1B) that back up their respective clients to an AWS S3 Bucket. I was wondering that in the event that one of the Master servers went down, would it be possible to restore to clients in the other subnet using the other master server?

For example:

Master server 1A goes down

Can Master server 1B pull the 1A clients data from s3 and restore to it? (After deploying the certificate and adding the master to the bp.conf/registry)

Would this be reasonable, or would it be easier to just restore the master asap via catalog/disaster recovery?



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How are you sending the data to S3? Is it deduped?

There is a new feature in NetBackup 8.2 that will allow you to use S3 as a kind of shared storage. The use case I've seen is for onprem to use a CloudCatalyst to write to S3. In 8.2 it is able to send both the deduplicated data as well as its catalog info to S3. This will then allow another NetBackup domain (with a cloudcatalyst) to read the data in S3 and perform restores, with out the need to catalog.

I don't see why you'll not be able to do the same completely in cloud but it would be best to check with your local Veritas team.

The CloudCatalyst option is grayed out for the Amazon GovCloud S3 option, so it is not being deduped. I attempted to pull client data down from the s3 bucket from the other Master as a test, but unfortunately when attempting to restore it cannot detect any of the backups that were made on the A side. I'm not sure of any other way to get the data from S3 unfortunately.


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As mentioned, this is a 8.2 feature.

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are both Netbackupdomains using the same bucket on same S3 ? If yes and

are you using KVS to encrypt your backups ß If no


then you may be able to import the images.

Client on B1 side must be configured for Master/Media on A1.