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Scheduled Differentials wont kickoff when there is a Full shcheduled in the same Policy

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Hi,  we are having a weird issue here.


Brand new install of Netbackup Ver 7.7


For some odd reason, we have to create separate policies just for differential backups in order for them to run when scheduled.

This is extremely inconveniant and requires needless administrative effort. 

Ideally we should be able to create multiple schedules within a single Policy and they should run without any issue.

So we have observed that when we have a differential shcheduled and a Full backup scheduled within the same policy, the Full's will run fine when scheduled, but the differentials wont run at all. 

But when we create a separate policy and just set one scheduled Differential, it will run fine.

Seems like a bug to me.

I will be posting any log details i find as we continue to workout this issue.


But in the meantime,

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Any help from this forum is much appreciated thanks!




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Please show us the policy config with both Full and Diff schedules and tell us if a Full has run first. On the master server: bppllist ( policy-name ) -U Full and Incr schedules should be in the same policy to prevent Incrementals from running as full.