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Solaris to Solaris Netbackup Master Server Migration

What are the steps for a Solaris to Solaris Netbackup
Master Server Migration? We are currently running
Solaris 8 with NBU 5.0 and wish to migrate
the server to another box. Any ideas would be
greatly appreciated.

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Re: Solaris to Solaris Netbackup Master Server Migration

Using same servername = extremely easy
Using different servernames = extremely difficult

Fight hard to do it the extremely simple way.
Simply first backup the catalog on the old server and then install a fresh copy of NetBackup on the new server and then use bprecover to rebuild the catalog.

Only do it the extremely difficult way if your in a lab environment and you really don't care if you lose your data.
It can be done. I've done it. But it is not something for the uninitiated to attempt unless you have the lab environment to play with it.

Re: Solaris to Solaris Netbackup Master Server Migration

Where the bpcrecover look for the catalog files? Did you first backup to a file system and then mounted it to the new server?

Re: Solaris to Solaris Netbackup Master Server Migration

Please do as Bob says!

I migrated from NBU 4.5 to 5.1 AND changed the master/media machine and name without following procedure. I had some major probs with expiry dates etc.
The proper procedure can be found at the VRTS support site ;-)
(It comes down to using the "bpmedia -movedb -m -newserver xxx -oldserver yyy" on every single piece of active media BEFORE removing it from the configuration.)

my 0.05

Re: Solaris to Solaris Netbackup Master Server Migration

Attempting similar scenario except:
1) Adding new server to be Master
2) Demoting Master/Media to Media only

I have found the procedures for migrating to the new Master, how difficult is the demotion? The new Master will keep the same name as old Master.

Tks, David

Re: Solaris to Solaris Netbackup Master Server Migration

I second Bob and Sander.

I'm doing same. I have to rename the new server back to the old Master server name.

We are doing it because of an OS upgrade from Solaris 8 to 9 to take advantage of the larger that 1 TB file system.

Good luck....

My question is about the

My question is about the required steps to Migrate Sun Solaris 10 x64 Master Server to another Sun Solaris x64 Server and to make the previous Master Server a new Media Server to have it's backup by using the media server option on it's own,

We need to migrate from 1 Sun master to a new Master and the old master is going to be a media server,

Is there any way to do such a migration documented as a step by step guide or as a workflow who can share with me?

Let me give you more details,

Basic Components of our Migration Environment:

Old Server: northidb
- Running NBU on,
- Is going to be a media server after migration, and try to have its File System and Oracle backup on its own as it was doing before,
- Configured to backup on SUN TL with 2 tape drives and 32 slots,

New Server: southidb
- Is going to be the master server, have all the old backup configuration on itself in order for the further restores,

Can you please give a brief guideline to make this migration run without an issue? Please email me to support in finding the right path for making the migration successful,

Kind Regards.

Mustafa Aktas


We have discussed the

We have discussed the situation and the possible way of solution to make this migration process with my colleagues in my site in such a way;

1. Creating a freshly installed Master Server with the different server name in the same version of the previous one (6.5.3)
2. Reconstruct the catalog by reading cartridges, is that possible, and what is the command for doing such a thing?

Is that supported and can you please support the command in order to reconstruct the catalog?

Waiting for your lean and clear experiences,


Mustafa Aktas