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Something Cool with NBU Part 3! - Awesome Dedupe Even with Cloud Storage and Immutability

Level 4

Hi Friends,

In continuing with my series on Something Cool with NBU, I'd like to share some deduplication numbers with you!  I was testing some backups going to Azure Blob Storage and I saw some amazing dedupe numbers.  So here's what I did for a test.

1. Attached some Azure blob storage to my NetBackup 10.2 instance.  In this case I'm using Recovery Vault which is Veritas Storage as a Service.  This service is an all-in pricing includes the cost of the storage, API charges, and data egress charges; all combined into a predictable monthly bill.



2. Created a new policy that will use this storage for my client that I'm backing up.


3. I went to the client machine and created a bunch of files and filled them with data from /dev/urandom.  As you can see from the image, I have a bunch of 2GB files, 20GB and a 50GB.



4. Ran an initial full backup with my policy from step 2.

5. Ran another full backup when the first finished and look at these dedupe values!!


6. The cool thing about Veritas is the deduplication is happening on the MSDP server and storage is storage.  Want to do immutable backups?  No problem, not only does Veritas do immutability, but that awesome dedupe number will still be awesome even with immutability! 

Why is immutability important?  Threat Actors are REALLY good at getting into corporate systems and once they're inside your network, they have all the time in the world to setup ransomware, steal data and getting into your backup products and expire all of the images right before they lockup your production systems.  With immutability and Recovery Vault, your backup images can't be expired until YOU say so.

If you'd like to scare yourself, take a look at:

If the articles on their site don't keep you up at night as an IT professional, I don't know what will.

With immutability and Recovery Vault, you're not only taking a huge step to protect your data, but you're going to get some outstanding deduplication numbers too!