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Tape drive usage

Level 4
Are there any stats to be had from NBU 6.5 on the amount of data and throughput to the storage units?

Level 6
Partner Accredited
Have U tried the console, (master server) -> media and device management ???

U can also get info from catalog reports.
(master server) -> netbackup management  -> catalog

file system analizer can also help you...

I hope it helps

Level 4
Under the /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bptm on Unix/Linux there are daily logs, provides the directory exists to tell NetBackup to use that log directory, that track the status of tape and simple disk backups.  Below is the information I found in the log for a previous day's backup.  It details the Media ID, Drive Name, Drive Index, KB Backed up and throughput.

Disk Backup
02:22:56.053 [11177] <4> write_backup: begin writing backup id server_1266736847, copy 1, fragment 1, to media id AA0363 on drive Drive7 (index 6)
03:23:43.029 [11177] <4> write_backup: Successfully wrote backup id server_1266736847, copy 1, fragment 1, 97294848 Kbytes at 26726.439 Kbytes/sec

Simple Disk Backup
11:50:59.595 [11084] <4> write_backup: begin writing backup id server_1266857383, copy 1, fragment 1, destination path /backups/server
11:51:35.620 [11084] <4> write_backup: successfully wrote backup id server_1266857383, copy 1, fragment 1, 16416 Kbytes at 1973.314 Kbytes/sec

You would need to write a script or program to extract the data and process it together but all the required details are on both lines including copies and fragments.

Not a built in process but the data can be located for external processing.

Level 6
NOM has a report if it works for you.
6.5.3 had an issue and was suppose to be fixed in NOM 6.5.4

Level 4
Thanks I'll look at NOM, the other way requires working out what jobs are multiplexed etc, not ideal.