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The device has indicated that cleaning is required before further operation are attempted

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İ use ibm ts4300 and netbacup 8.1 

i clean the driver but i still get this error . i use clean tape 30 times (can this be)

The device has indicated that cleaning is required before further operation are attempted.

should i use new clean tape?


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I would have logged to this TL web interface and checked from there. Maybe you will see that cleaning tape is expired under inventory pane, or anything else... If issue persist open a ticket to vendor to replace faulty drive.

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Typical a cleaning cartridge can be used 50 times. If it used more than 50 times the drives will not perform the cleaning operation. Try a new cleaning tape.

What error messages are you getting ?

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You can’t use a cleaning tape more than the allowed amount. Typically as Nicolai explains this is about 50 times, but the exact amount of cleanings depends on the tape drive as length of the cleaning cycle depends on the firmware.

All NBU does is put the tape in the drive.

Further, the RFA chip inside the cleaning cartridge knows exactly how much is left, so it is impossible to over use a cleaning tape.

If the cartridge has run out, it would be ejected immediately, as long as the cleaning cycle ran for ‘a few minutes’ it worked.

Over cleaning a drive is bad, the cleaning tapes are abrasive, so over cleaning a drive wears out the drive heads quicker. It is ok on occasion to clean a drive a couple of times as a last resort.

If a drive still shows ‘needs cleaning’ after it has been cleaned then it is most likely the drive is faulty. It is the tape drive firmware that sets a flag to indicate to NBU to clean, NBU is only the messenger.

This is not a NBU issue and there is nothing from the NBU side that can be done to resolve.