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VADP Tag Query time

Level 2

Hello all,

Can anyone provide a general acceptable or normal runtime when running a VADP query? If I use Test Query in a VMware Policy the query usually takes 20-30mins to complete. It sits there and reports "Test Query in Progress". 

Queries I have tried

vmware:/?filter=vCenter Equal "" AND Cluster Equal 'Cluster Name' AND Tag Equal 'VADP'

vmware:/?filter=vCenter Equal "" AND Tag Equal 'VADP' (around 2000 VMs in total)

Also, are there any additional logs other than nbproxy or bprd that I can check to ensure there are no issues? Are there better ways I can structure this query to speed response times?

Thank you



How many virtual servers do you have registered?

If you have multiple, are you limiting which VMware servers are queried in the Advanced section of the VMware Tab in the policy?


@CJC1look at "Media and Device Management > Credentials > Virtual Machine servers" in your NetBackup Administration console to answer @Krutons 's question.


Level 2

3 x virtual servers registered. Advanced policy has the vCenter server specified appropriately for each policy. The smaller sites still take about 5mins to report anything via the Test Query with the larger site taking around 15-20mins. 

I wanted to see if this was normal or expected? Policies run its just the time taken to perform a query seems long.

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I guess it is a question for an experienced vCenter admin. Maybe TAGs are not indexed in vSphere thus their searching is slow.

- can you run the same queries in VMware, without NBU participation and are they quicker/slower?

- in NBU policy, can you substitute TAG searching with something else which gives similar result scope and is it quicker (DisplayName= , VMversion =, Datastore= ... etc.)?



Thanks for the suggestions Michal. Will check on VMware side RE: indexing of tags

I've targeted specific clusters before which have returned results quickly. I tried to do this on the large VMware policy and it still took quite some time. I can't ever remember it taking so long but as a large number of things change in the environment its hard to know if a change has introduced the problem or if its always been like this.