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VMWARE and NBU 7.5.x - Hands on Lab

Level 6

Came accross the following provided by Vision 2012 :

NetBackup 7.5 for VMware: Hands On Lab

Description - This lab is designed for people who are new to NetBackup
7.5’s VMware application backup feature,and will
provide you direct, hands on experience with
configuring backups using this new data protection feature. You will
walk through the entire configuration process for VMware backups.
Features that will be highlighted include

* VMware Policy setup
* introduction into the Granular File Restore concept
* introduction to VirtualMachine Intelligent Policy (VIP) for automated selection and inclusion of
virtual machines, and additional configuration and guidelines required to perform a virtual machine backup
that supports NetBackup’s Exchange,SharePoint and SQL Server database agents

This lab assumes some basic experience with NetBackup, and some general
knowledge of backup and virtual machine concepts.