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Vault Catalog backups

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Anyone know details on the Vault Catalog backups?  The Vault admin guide says:

Vault creates its own catalog backup with up-to-date information; Vault does not duplicate the NetBackup catalog.
Perform the catalog backup step in Vault. Vault creates a new catalog backup with up-to-date information, it does not duplicate an existing NetBackup catalog backup. A NetBackup catalog backup is not a substitute for a Vault catalog backup because it does not include the latest information about duplicated media and media location.

However, when I run a vault backup it appears to be grabbing the entire NetBackup catalog.  Is the doc just saying that a vault catalog backup, when run as part of a vault policy, captures information about the images that were duplicated in the current vault session, whereas the previous normal NetBackup catalog backup does not have this data?

Will the next normal catalog backup have everything I expect?  Or is the vault backup getting data that would not be captured in the next normal catalog backup?  Barring DR requirements that would have an up-to-the minute catalog backup, does the vault backup get me anything that a normal catalog backup does not?

Appreciate any input




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The Vault catalog backup is just a regular catalog backup, only, it is run by vault.

This is required, because after the duplications, or ejects, the catalog changes.  So Vault runs a new one.

The next regular catalog backup will have everything you expect.

Think of the vault catalog backup as a regular one, but one you remove from the library.


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Technically, there is no difference between a catalog backup and Vault catalog backup, only difference is that vault catalog happens right after your duplication job/s finsh/es or if you are not duplicating then you can say it happens right before the eject, so it has the latest catalog information including the information on images which were recently duplicated. Since, the eject through vault happens after the catalog backup, you will have your catalog backup tape going to offsite along with other tapes as well (as long as volume pool used for catalog backup tape  is included in vault profile).

Your regular/normal catalog backup has everything what vault catalog backup has but to the time when normal/regualr catalog backup was performed. So, if you perfromed normal/regular catalog backup in the morning, say 6 AM and the ran your vault job, which performs some duplicates, at 8 AM then your 6 AM catalog backup will not have any information on second copy/duplicate etc which your vauilt job just performed BUT if you perform another normal/standard catalog backup right after vault finishes it will be equivalent to your vault catalog backup. Bottom line there is no difference other than the the updated information in your catalog at the time any of this backup was performed.

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Thanks guys - that's what I thought, but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.