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Veritas Alta View Data Management

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Hello Veritas Team,

Hope you are doing well !!!

I have a quick question on Veritas Alta:

1. If I have multiple NBU installations say for example for NBU-A(Company A) , NBU-B(Company B) , NBU-C(Company-C) and as a MSP I want to manage(B/R) all these companies from single interface is it possible to do with Veritas Alta and still keeping data segregated for all these companies.

2. If Yes how can I test it and how it will be licensed?




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It is possible to manage multiple NBU installations from a single interface with Veritas Alta. This is called Multi-tenant management. With Multi-tenant management, you can create separate tenants for each company, and each tenant will have its own set of policies, schedules, and reports. This allows you to keep the data for each company segregated, while still managing all of the tenants from a single interface.

To test Multi-tenant management, you can use the Veritas Alta Demo. The Demo is a free, pre-configured environment that you can use to try out Veritas Alta. The Demo includes two tenants, one for Company A and one for Company B. You can use the Demo to test all of the features of Veritas Alta, including Multi-tenant management.

The Veritas Alta license is based on the number of tenants that you create. For example, if you create two tenants, you will need a license for two tenants. The license is a per-year license, and it is renewed annually.

Here are the steps on how to manage multiple NBU installations from a single interface with Veritas Alta:

  1. Install Veritas Alta.
  2. Create a tenant for each company.
  3. Assign policies, schedules, and reports to each tenant.
  4. Manage the tenants from the Veritas Alta Management Console.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.