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Want to restore backup reside in Data Domain STU via FC network

Level 4
  1. We have AIR setup and SLP backups been replicated to target data domain STU
  2. From target data domain STU, where our SLP replicated backups resides and want to perform the restore via FC network.
  3. Taken call with EMC data domain vendor and configured FC traffic between SAN Media server(ABC) and Data Domain.
  4. After the configuration I can see in NB console new storage server DFC-DD01 has been added, before that we had IP based storage server(DD01) for AIR SLP replication and also in that we have added the SAN Media server(ABC).
  5. At present in NB console, when I open the disk pools I can see storage server as DD01.

Now my queries are

Can I add same SAN media server (ABC) in the new storage server DFC-DD01. Once I add, will NB get visibility on the existing disk pool for DD01 & DFC-DD01.

If I do so, the configuration is like, same SAN media server(ABC) will be in both IP & FC based storage server. Then If I initiate the restore, which traffic will it use, either IP or FC?.



@AnandhaKannan_D You will need to create a disk pool using the DFC storage server and the same storage volume used by the non-dfc storage server. Then create a storage unit using that the new disk pool. This should give you access to the DD's storage unit over FC. Test a backup for your connection over FC and if that works, try out the restore.