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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Netbackup policies in 7.3 reuse for 8.1

Is this netbackup catalog architecture in below also apply to NetBackup 8.1? We'd like to move [INSTALL_PATH\Netbackup\db\class] policy flat files to another new master server(new OS). New master server is on another vCenter server and we want to reu...

Resolved! Need opscenter analytics script for FULL backups

I need a Netbackup script to check what all active clients do not have full backup from last 1 month.(active clients only --- not for clients which are in the deactivated policy)I need only client details which are in the Activated policy only.I have...

noazara by Level 6
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Resolved! Import Backup exec tape to Netbackup

Hi dear all,I have a old tape with backup exec image on it, I inserted the tape to tape library and run robot inventory and media is appeared on the roboticI've tried to import the tape to netbackup 8 (backup exec version was 12) in phase 1 I have fo...

Resolved! How to migrate Netbackup server 7.x to 8.1 with new vCenter

We are backing up vm machines images(VM-type) via single Netbackup 7.3 server(also Media Server) which is on Win2012R2 using SAN storage. And we are going to move those VM machines on a new vCenter server with another new vSAN environment and also cr...

Yasu777 by Level 2
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Resolved! Recovery Netbackup Master/Media server and MSDP

Hi guys,I have a Master/media (same server) is running in a Windows 2008 R2.I´m planning to move it to another blank hardware with windows 2012 I will keep same hostname and IP address (of course I will shutdown the first one). The MDSP is on a san d...

AndresV by Level 6
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Installation agent netbackup in vm hw requirement.

Hello everyone wanted to consult as it is not found in the notes of nbu 8.1, I have to install the nbu 8.1 client on a machineand wanted to know what is the minimum requirement of HW that virtual needs for the client to install and work properly , cu...

Manual Duplication is failing with 191 error code

NetBAckup Version: 8.1.1OS Version: SLES 12 SP 1 My duplication job which is done by SLP fails with the following error after witing a couple of bytes.Apr 9, 2019 12:30:59 PM - mounting 0384L7Apr 9, 2019 12:30:59 PM - Info bptm (pid=18780) INF - Wait...

ngarart by Level 3
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Resolved! VMware backup without SAN disk???

Hi ALL,i'm running NBU 7.7.2 on Windows 2012 R2 (1 master server only) with most of the clients are VMware guest.Master server acted as VMware backup host. Transport type used is NBD.i'm new to the environment and NBU & still trying to understand how...

aidil_1 by Level 3
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disable storage lifecycle policy

Hi All,i'm running NBU 7.7.2 on Windows 2012 R2.STU configuredDISK-STUTAPE-STUSLP configuredSLP01 which perform1\ backup using DISK-STU (kept for 1 week)2\ duplication using TAPE-STU (kept for 2 weeks)SLP02 which perform1\ backup using DISK-STU (kept...

aidil_1 by Level 3
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Resolved! upgrade netbackup from to 8.1

Dear all,i have a windows server with OS 2008 R2 Enteprise and Netbackup So now i want upgrade netbackup to 8.1 version1. Is it possible upgrade directly to 8.1?2.if yes.kindly share the related documents please.ThanksM Sivasankar

Resolved! Change Tape Retention

Hello,We set tape retention to 1 year and we have a backup on this tape. Now we want to change retention for this tape. Is it possible to change this tape retention from 1 year to infinity with secure the data in the tape?Regards

Backup failing with EC 58

Backup is getting failed for one server with EC 58.Able to telnet ports (13782,13724,13720,1556) . Service are running fine.Below are the job details. 5 Apr, 2019 6:00:04 PM - Info nbjm (pid=13656) starting backup job (jobid=276844) for client ctsint...

SLP not doing the second operation

I have an SLP that has two operations. First it imports images and the second is duplication to tape.The first part of importing images is working fine but the duplication is not happening. Nothing happens at all. No failue but nothing happens. I see...

ngarart by Level 3
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Cannot login to admin console using jnbSA

Hi,Needed help with connection to the admin console.Netbackup version 8.0Master server: RHEL 6.2I am attempting to open the admin console by directly connecting a display to the master server.On attempting to open Netbackup admin console using /usr/o...

Is it safe to Unfreeze "frozen mpx" media

Hi dear all,I have huge amount of media with frozen multiplex and frozen status. when I unfreeze a frozen with for example 1G data on it, media status change to active and data on the media will be 0. I dont know data on the mentioned media has expir...

Resolved! NetBackup NEVC and SAP License

Hello Team                     We have Vmware enviroment in which we have  ESXI server. On the ESXI server we have 6 VM out of which 2 are SAP VM. I am thinking of going with NEVC License model. I dont think NEVC license covers SAP agent ? In this ca...

Resolved! Catalog migration - procedure

Hi,I am trying to upgrade my NBU Master and Media Server which is on version 7.7.1 in AWS to the new version 8.1 also in AWS.Anyone knows the exact procedure / steps for me to migrate the NBU catalog to the new version 8.1?Regards.