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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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NBEMM (7.0.1) crash on Solaris 10 SPARC

Hi.. One of our customers has issues with NBEMM core dumps on Solaris 10 Sparc server. It's very difficult to get any info from support..  Have you experienced this kind of issues with NB 7.0.1 ?   marekk

Resolved! Extend the retention of images

Hi all,        I need to extend the retention of some images that will expire tommorrow. I think this can be done by bpexpdate command. I need the retention to be extended until 31/4/2011. Kindly provide me the right syntax.   Regards, Giri B

giri_b by Level 4
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Installation of NBU 6.5 on Lotus Domino cluster.

Hi, I am very much new to Lotus Domino. I have been assigned a project to configure NBU 6.5 on Lotus Domino cluster. I have went through the Admin Guide but I have very short time to complete. Please help me to configure lotus on cluster. We have two...

Resolved! NBU 7.1 Catalog Restore

  Firstly: I recently took a catalog backup of NBU 7.1 on the Master server onto disk. The previous installation had Server 2003 32 bit and I reinstalled Server 2008 64 bit on the new server. I installed NBU 7.1 on new master server and media server,...

Sacha_Brown by Level 5
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Resolved! Media Open Error

Hi.   I had recently deleted a STU, now when i try to recover files from previous backups i get the Media Open Error and it cannot do a restore. Even though the backups were going to Disk then staged to tape. I was under the impression if they're on ...

Issue with REstore job not getting cancel

We have been doing lot of Testing for last 1 month and I wanted to discuss issue with Restore job which will not get cancel and would stuck for long time I am using NBU 6.5 when trying to cancel Restore job it will stay there for ever I have tried bp...

sids by Level 4
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Resolved! Deleting Disk Storage Pool

Hello, I'm trying to configure an SLP policy with Advanced Disk. I had originally created a TEST advanced disk using our E: drive. Now when i go to create another Disk Storage Pool it gives me this error:   Can you please tell me how i can delete th...

Net Backup 7.1 AIR How-to?

Here is my setup: Data Center: Master and Media seperate on W2K2008R2, SAN for dedup pool and other STU 10 tb avail. First satelite office: 500GB of data, W2K2003, NAS 1000gb, T1 to Data center Second satelite office: 300 GB, + same as above   I aske...

Hopifan by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup 6.5 master server exclusion list

I need to do a restore of the catalog. I am going to Windows 2008. I was looking at the troubleshooting guide. It mentions under the "master and media server backups" heading, that the master server should be backed up but the catalog, binaries, and ...

dz3000 by Level 4
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Issue with adding NDMP host

Hello, We are in the process of setting up two new EMC Celerra's on two seperate networks and have run into a bit of an issue with the backups. One network has Syamntec Netbackup 6.5.4 and works flawlessly having followed all the steps. The problem n...

Netbackup 7 - Flashbackup-Windows - bpstart/bpend

This Tech article says a Flashbackup-Windows policy will not execute bpstart_notify & bpend_notify scripts without the DB_BEGIN_BACKUP_CMD and DB_END_BACKUP_CMD directives. It ...

Best way to inventory NBU licenses

Hi, I'm wondering if someone of you guys knows a good way to trace licences that actually the costumer have versus the ones he is using (inventory). I'm now doing some matching manually, but when you look to costumer infrastructures with hundre...

Symontec by Level 5
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NetBackup 7.1 and Exchange 2003

Hello, I am brand new to Net Backup and I am trying to set few things up myself, running into roadblocks all the time. At this moment I am trying to setup backups on my Exchange 2003 and of course have few questions: Media and Master is separate all ...

Hopifan by Level 3
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DD LSU question

Can someone tell me if the number of LSUs configured on a system effects dedupe ratio and overall performance of the DD box? i see that in best practices it is recommended that one LSU is created per Netbackup environment. i do have more than LSU con...

X_S by Level 4
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Disk Storage Unit having .ds files

I'm having a Basic Disk Storage Unit and it appears that the NetBackup upgradation was performed without emptying the Disk Storage Unit. There are plenty of Old Images and .ds files in the Disk Storage Unit. I'm getting lot of 190 & 191 errors. How d...

funkypj by Level 3
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Resolved! Linux install Woops!

NBU - 7.1   I'm trying to install client software on my SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 - 32 bit. From yesterday's thread, I downloaded what I thought was the proper file for this process... I was wrong.  What I downloaded was the 6.5 Server inst...

JHeaton by Level 6
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Resolved! Alias (hostname) in bp.conf

Simple question. Here is my bp.conf (client side).  Do i need both server and alias name in the bp.conf file? It is the same Master Server. SERVER = su30386 <===Master Server SERVER = nbmaster <===Master Server SERVER = nbmedia1 <===Media Server C...

Jay_Son by Level 5
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Resolved! veritas netbackup down-drive

always when I right click and I choose up drive after some times it coming down-drive and the backups are not taken please advise.

Netbackup 7 on solaris: error PBX_Manager::open

I installed netbackup client for DB server running on Solaris 10 via pushing the installation from Netbackup server GUI. It was successfully installed in the DB server but there are messages coming after installation.see below messages: pbx_exchange[...

torta by Not applicable
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Resolved! BMR -VSS error on Netbackup 7.0.1

Hi, Please assist after long day of troubleshooting:: I am running Netbackup 7.0.1 master on Unix,,, NBU 7.0.1 Media server = Windows 2003,  A client =NBU 7.0.1 on Win 2008 R2.   Policy is BMR enabled and it completes with status 1 The following erro...

Mas_P by Level 3
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