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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup 7.1 and RHEL 6.0

Has anyone installed 7.1 on Redhat 6, and if so were there any problems with the installation? Thanks.

terryd3 by Level 4
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Netbackup 7 dedupe option for virtual machines

We have been working on converting our VM backup solution over to Netbackup.  We have purchased all of the required licensing and built out an infrastructure that can handle the VM backups.  We are running Netbackup 7.1 and are on vSphere 4.1. I have...

195 by Level 3
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Vmware CBT restore?

Can NBU 7.x (any iteration) do a CBT restore?  Meaning, when restoring a VM, that ONLY the CBT blocks are restored and not the entire VMDK file(s)? This is a feature on a competing product, and am wondering if NBU has this feature so I can compete. I...

Change format of report (bperror.exe)

Hi Each day I have a NetBacku preport sent to me by email.  The content of the email is generated by this command line:   bperror.exe -U -backstat -server %1 -hoursago %hoursago% >> %report_path%\%1.txt   The problem I have is that the columns are no...

Resolved! sql restore

i run NBU 7 on windows 2003 server. i am trying to restore an sql database, but the restore has been on for an hour. it has refused to end. what should i do?   please see attached.    

ayodeji by Level 6
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Resolved! browse for virtual machines

Hi All, in my Virtual Machine Servers and am able to browse the list of VM’s from a FlashBackup-Windows policy (under the Client tab) for the VMserver greyed out and I get the message “VIX connect failed and VCB not installed”. Checked logs on the...

Resolved! NBU7 Backup Policy schedule behavior

Advice needed.  Will the backup job duration span over next weekday in term of the following 12AM?   Setup = NBU 7 Master on Windows 2003 server. From Backup policy. Created schedule type = Calendar. Based on this scenario / enquiry: Start window fro...

Single table restoration from database in netbackup

Is it possible to restore only indiviual table instead of complete SQL database using netbackup scripts anyway.   Cheers Vaibhav NBU 7.0.1 - Win2k3 SQL 2k5ENT DB size 1.3TB table to be restored 100 gb

V4 by Level 6
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Restoring deleted GPO

I did search the forum for previously answered questions - please forgive me if this is a duplicate. I was wondering if someone could give advice on how to recover an accidentally deleted GPO on a Windows 2008 domain.  My network is as follows: Domai...

backing up to basic disc

hi, i would like to know if anyone has tried backing up to basic discs. would be happy if you could share your experiences, especially backing up more than one server concurrently.

Resolved! Problem with Veritas Netback 6.5

Hello PPlz, I am using Veritas Master Server 6.5 on linux and Media Server on separate machine running Windows Server 2003 attached with Dell PowerVault 220S (acting as my storage device and connected to media server). My backups are occuring success...

NBEMM (7.0.1) crash on Solaris 10 SPARC

Hi.. One of our customers has issues with NBEMM core dumps on Solaris 10 Sparc server. It's very difficult to get any info from support..  Have you experienced this kind of issues with NB 7.0.1 ?   marekk

Resolved! Extend the retention of images

Hi all,        I need to extend the retention of some images that will expire tommorrow. I think this can be done by bpexpdate command. I need the retention to be extended until 31/4/2011. Kindly provide me the right syntax.   Regards, Giri B

giri_b by Level 4
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Installation of NBU 6.5 on Lotus Domino cluster.

Hi, I am very much new to Lotus Domino. I have been assigned a project to configure NBU 6.5 on Lotus Domino cluster. I have went through the Admin Guide but I have very short time to complete. Please help me to configure lotus on cluster. We have two...

Resolved! NBU 7.1 Catalog Restore

  Firstly: I recently took a catalog backup of NBU 7.1 on the Master server onto disk. The previous installation had Server 2003 32 bit and I reinstalled Server 2008 64 bit on the new server. I installed NBU 7.1 on new master server and media server,...

Sacha_Brown by Level 5
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