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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Netbackup DLO with Win 7 x64

Hi All, i have searched in the forums but havent find any solution so far. I have win7 with 64 bits and netbackup DLO 6.1 MP5a and everytime i start it i get these messages TASKPANE_HISTORY, TASKPANE_STATUS, TASKPANE_SYNC, TASKPANE_RESTORE and it ask...

MAHOMAN by Level 2
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Resolved! NDMP_HALT_ERROR problem

Hi  I'm having a high numer of 84 errors on NDMP three way backups between Netapp filers . I checked the configuration, but all seems well done in SAN architecture, on Netapp controllers and in the Netbackup 7.0 platform, master and media server runn...

Netbackup for Citrix XenServer Query

Hi Guys, I've some queries relating Netbackup for Cirtix XenServer and please correct me if I'm wrong:- Understanding relating Netbackup for Citrix XenServer : 1) NetBackup supports Citrix XenServer (5.5 and 5.6) virtualized environment, by means of...

Dishant by Level 5
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Resolved! SQL Backup Failed with Error code 59

From the last couple of days my SQL backup is getting failed with error code 59. I have checked all the communication between master server and media server and client there was no issue but still my backup is getting failed. Any idea what will be th...

Saqib_Alam by Level 5
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NBU in production DR

Hi all,   We want to deploy the netbackup for our DR site but on DR site few servers will be active that means NBU has to be active. So we want the backups happening on Primary to replicate or duplicate to DR. & Backup happening on DR to be replicate...

Resolved! How to extend key record number

Hello Experts, I am using KMS encryption Backed up data. KMS has 20 volume pools, with a volume pool has 10 key records. If every month I change  key record , I only use 10 month. After that I must create new volume pool and create key record. I want...

pruvn by Level 5
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Eject Multiple tapes using powershell script(vmchange.exe)

Does anyone have experience with running a powershell script to automaticly eject multiple tapes? I've been trying to figure out how to eject multile tapes, but I keep having problems imputing the media list as csv with powershell.  I am using powers...

Resolved! Cancelling manual backup jobs has strange effect on policy scheduling

I think I've managed to identify the peculiar situation that was causing multiple data stream backups to display strange behavior.  I'm posting this in hopes someone else may have seen similar behavior and might be able to lend some insight. The scen...

TROE by Level 4
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Run bpexpdate from a file that containts of tapes

Hi, I'm not a script expert so this would be a two part question.  I want to Run a script to capture just the old Tapes (has barcode) L1xxxx Then, I would like to expire just those tapes and then delete them. I know i can run /usr/openv/netbackup/bin...

gleano by Level 3
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Resolved! Changing retention level for an existing backup

I want to modify de rl of this backup IMAGE AC000769 0 0 8 AC000769_1298685065 policy_unix_fs_client 0 *NULL* root unix_fs_full 0 3 1298685065 25959 1301363465 0 0 135164049 654638 1 9 0 policy_unix_fs_client_1298685065_FULL.f *NULL* *NULL* 0 1 0 ...

yasoto by Level 4
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BMR recovery fails with "ERROR: Failed to retrieve /tmp/<*>.conf"

Configuration: Master/Media Server: Windows 2008 SP2, NBU 7.0.1 BMR Boot Server:      HP-UX 11.11, NBU 7.0.1 Client:                       HP-UX 11.11, NBU 7.0.1 Symptom:                 Client boots and mounts SRT but then fails with the following m...

DougOakes by Level 2
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Resolved! tape shelf and data longevity whitepaper

Please provide a link to a decent whitepaper about tape media shelf and data life for various make/types/technology of cartridges.. I would like to see information on media used from present to 20 years ago. I started a search with google but got bog...

Stumpr2 by Level 6
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Disk storage unit full in a group

Hello all,   Here is my issue. I have a Disk Storage unit group which contains 6  Disk storage units. The first DSU is 100% full, but Netbackup saw "66% Full" on the Storage Units view ... and all next jobs are trying to write on this full disk ... e...

Tulkas by Level 2
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Recently, tape drive is encountered with below error: Feb 28 13:46:30 backup-1 tldcd[20634]: [ID 150976 daemon.error] TLD(0) key = 0x2, asc = 0x3b, ascq = 0x11, MEDIUM MAGAZINE NOT ACCESSIBLE Feb 28 13:46:30 backup-1 tldcd[20634]: [ID 719803 daemon....

Resolved! NBPEM is behaving abnormally

Hello All,   Noticed in last couple of days that policy managment is behaving abnormally. Lots of policy Storage units have gone to "any". lots of policy types are changed from oracle to standard, or windows to SQL, etc etc..vice versa.   Any idea wh...

ajiwww by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore files from deleted backup client

Hi, We're using Netbackup 7.0.1 on Solaris 10 to backup a Netapp Appliance with NDMP and some other hosts (Solaris, Linux and Windows). Recently we migrated all data on one of our Netapp filers to a new one with a different name and IP address. I cre...

AdN by Level 4
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Resolved! Oracle Archive logs issue...

Hi, We have client having NBU 6.5 ove HP Unix 11.5 with a Robotic tape librery. We have a policy to take hot backup of Oracle. The problem is when we were taking backup(Scheduled), it some time able to take backup some time it fails to take backup wi...

Resolved! nbpem is getting DOWN again & again

Hi,   I am running 6.5.5 on HP-UX & I am facing a strange issue for past 2 days. My backups are not coming up in Activity monitor even after recycling NetBackup. I did some research & found nbpem service is gettting down again & again even after maki...

Compressed catalog on Windows platform

In an installation of NBU, the catalog was compressed after 90 days, but as the disk space was extended, the need for compression was removed. We set away to run bpimage -decompress -allclients. As this is on the Windows platform, NBU only clear the...

AAlmroth by Level 6
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