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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Oracle Restore Performance Slow

Hi, We are facing an issue with Oracle DB Restore performance. Our setup Netbackup 6.0 MP6 Windows 2003 Master Server Solaris 10 Media Server Netbackup 6.0 MP6 Client: Oracle Agent 6.0 MP 6. on Solaris 9, Oracle 8. When we do the restore, we ar...

ISyed by Level 3
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DB2 backup with Netbackup fails

I followed the install manual step by step, yet this is the error I'm getting when trying to backup a DB2 database with netbackup The user running the backup have access to the db2 config file in the db2 home directory.  All other filesystem backup...

3sth3r by Level 3
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Report of all machines backed up

Hello I am looking for a way to make an report of all the servers I'm taking backup of, with info about what and when. It is possible to export this type of data from Netbackup 6.5.3 ?? Running Master Server on Win2003.

Resolved! Netbackup Exam

Hi Guys, I took my Netbackup exam last week which I Passed. Prometric gave me a sheet with a break down etc... But since then I haven't received anything.. Am I supposed to receive login details for Cert track? any info would be great. Cheers Zak...

Nizmo by Level 3
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Restore tape to a different netbackup server

Hi, I would like to know the process on how to restore a tape backup by netbackup 3.4 and restore it to a different fresh install netbackup 3.4 server. (no catalog, its fresh server install) Do i need to use same hostname for the new fresh netbacku...

Disk Storage Unit

Dear Experts we have on our NetBackup Server a new storage disk unit configured, after the destaging process on the old storage disk unit, I wanted to delete the old disk but However, I can not erase this disk I keep getting the following error mess...

ADmiNX by Level 3
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Upgrading of JRE for Netbackup servers

Hi guys, we are running NBU 4.5_FP6 on Solaris 9. The server is running Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 which is only on paid subscription for patches only. We are required to upgrade the JRE for all servers to latest 1.6.13. Would like to know if an...

ixat by Level 4
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I can't Backup Exchange 2007. it's return Status 71

I have fresh install NetBackup 6.5 Master Server on Windows 2003 R2 x64 Service pack 2 and then update patch to I have Microsoft Exchange 2007 run on OS Windows 2008 Enterprise x64 Service Pack 1 and I had install NetBackup client 6.5.2 for...

Apitha by Level 4
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Exchange 2003 Public Folder restore?

 Running NB 6.5.2 ... trying to restore a backup of an Exchange Public Folder to a different Exchange Server.  The destination Exchange Server resides in the same Adminstration Group as the source - have created a Storage Group and a Public Folder wi...

Resolved! Catalog information then and now.

Main question: Is there a way to view old catalog information without destroying current catalog information? Purpose of question: I would like to compare our company data backup information from old to current. What systems are using consuming the ...

DP displacement

hello, We need to do a POC against the HP DP. If we can manage to do this well, we might kick out HP for good. Do you guys have any POC related document, where it clearly defines the feature sets we need to focus so that we can really show NB strengt...

Sunil_ABM by Not applicable
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Resolved! BLAT not working with nbmail.cmd

Hi All, I have configured the BLAT is the following way: 1. downloaded blat version 262 and kept it on C:\bla\blat262\full 2. used the following command (as per article     C:\bla\blat262\full>...

MOIMOI by Level 4
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2 storage units pointing to the same robot

Setup **** Netbackup 6.0 MP4 on AIX 5.3 1 x Robot - IBM3494 10 drives - IBM3592 Drive speed native 104MB/s Allow Multiplexing = 4 *** I have 2 storage units pointing to the same robot. This is just legacy, inherited, both storage units are configur...

SLP Monitoring Script/utility

im curious to know what the community uses to monitor there SLP jobs? Do you have a script that does it for you? or a utility? nbstlutil is broken plain and simple.. Symantec knows this and is working out a fix. so what else is there?

Douglas_A by Level 6
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How to pull this NBU report together?

Hi all, I need to pull a report together that shows the following 4 fields: Client name IP Address of client Date of last backup Status of last backup There's probably no way to gather that with one command, is there?  I bet bpdbjobs will give me ...

C_J_Hund by Level 4
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