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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! How to change random port range of pbx_exchange process

Hello.I would like to change the port range of VRTSpbx / Symantec Private Branch Exchange service.I found this article but it does not work for me. can i set a custom port range for pbx_exchan...

Thosch by Level 3
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Error code 227

(40, 'EXIT STATUS 40: network connection broken\n') The commands used are:fGetFromTape -C -j j1068 -R /nfs/mtldirvish1/srv/dirvish/dataops/restore/triboroj1068 ./show_restorewhich runs:2018-03-20 19:09:53,152 INFO execu...

Hyper V Restore Different Host (NBU 8.0)

Hi, I had issues with restoring a HyperV guest to a different host on a different Hyper Cluster. The backup method uses WMI method for snapshots. I was following the solution to use the command line because the GUI is non-operational or broken.Exit c...

Unused (Never Mounted) Tapes dissapear from Media tab.

Greetings!I have faced such issue:Unused tapes have dissapeared from media tab. It is not a problem of Library as we have already done inventory and were able to find 600 tapes. In the time interval from inventory of these 600 tapes and dissapearance...

AlChie by Level 4
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Need SQL query for OPscenter analytics to generate report

Hi Team,I am using  OpsCenter analytics to generate reports and due to more than 50 paths included in Backup selection I could generate reports with some of path missing. This has been confirmed by Veritas Support Team .  I need to create  this repor...

pkatakdound by Level 5
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Resolved! Unable to change NumberOfLogFiles option using vxlogcfg

Greetings! I want to set maximum count of unified log files for nbsl process. I used following command:vxlogcfg -a -p 51216 -o 132 -s NumberOfLogFiles=15At that time count of these was 8. But now it's greater than 15.  In nblog.conf i have right valu...

Resolved! Continuing a failed job

Hello all,Is it possible to continue a job whose only reason for failure is lack of medium on volume pool?Thank  you!

Air replicaiton import time

We have two Netbackup domain with two data domain 9300.  When calculating replicaiton time I use The start of replication at site 1 to the end of the import on site 2.  when I look at site 2 the replication has completed but it take almost 1 hour bef...

DLP cold backup with NetBackup

Hello everyone.We have just installed our Symantec DLP solution and it is time to setup the backup using our NetBackup.In order to have a correct backup of the Symantec DLP Enforce Server, we need to put in place a specific backup on a folder present...

EMM server unable to process request (78) - NDMP / Isilon

Hi,Trying to add a new NDMP device. We have existing NDMP devices but are trying to add a new one for our new cluster (Isilon)I repeatedly get the EMM server is unable to process the request when adding the NDMP device via credentials/NDMP hosts. I g...

NBU Client software

there is little confusion to me as well under licensing --> entitlement listed below  Master server is windows, i only require to download linux and AIX 64 bit client to ingerate with master server.

Bare Metal Restore failing

Hello,I am trying to do a bare metal restore. I have a simple configuration:Netbackup Master/Media (same server) running fresh 8.1.1 install on RedhatBoot server also on RedhatI have a BMR image in the catalog. I have successfuly created a dissimilar...

Resolved! error code 50

Hi,I run the catalogue backup on schedule, it returns error code 50 from time to time. May I know what is the problem  

error 50.jpg
Home_224 by Level 6
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Unable to browse SQL databases on the client

Hi Guys, I was wondering if any of you can maybe assist me with setting up this first time backup for this server.I am unable to browse the SQL DB's for this server when trying to setup a legacy backup (batch file)When registering the instance on the...

Leo461 by Level 3
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