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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Backup_Exit_Notify.CMD and Status 1 errors

I've played with backup_exit_notify and it is now telling when I get a status 1 error.  I was curious if anyone had a way for it to include what files were skipped when it gives a status 1 error.  we have worded it into our Sarb-Ox documents that we ...

Migrating proprietary backups to netbackup

Hi everybody, My company is about to migrate a very large amount of data, on several sites, which was backed-up with an in-house application to netbackup. The naive migration solution would be to use our application to restore the data and then to ba...

NBU6.0MP4 - Schedule Backup Attempts BUG - not working!

Hi guys,Since we upgraded from NBU6.0MP3 to MP4, the schedule backup attempts parameters (Host ppties > Master Server > Global attributes...) are just NOT WORKING anymore!Jobs are retrying up to 80 times!It does not respect the # of tries, nor the # ...

FYI, full support for NBU v5.x extended to 31st March 2008...

...and partial support afterwards until 1st December 2008 when all support will end.   P.S. The 30 day digests of all tech notes, and software updates (at the bottom of the pages), can be found here: ......

sdo by Moderator
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NB6.0 MP4 -RHEL AS4 Client

Hi,Just a quick confirmation of MP4 download in Nb6.0 for linux client - Can anyone pls. confirm me

Ryan_2 by Level 3
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Vault Multiple Copies...

I wish  I could explain this better but I am still learning the product (MBU 6.4 on W2K3).  We currently start backups at 9:00PM and a vault process at 3:00AM.  Midday there are stajon policies that run that write images on disk to an internal volume...

NetBackup 4.5 - Catalog Compression

Hello,Within NetBackup GUI we have configured NetBackup to compress all catalog items older than 120 days old.We have not run a backup (those happen at night) since making this configuration change.  If I understand the manual correctly, the compress...

NBU 6.0 MP4 and Win2003 Server

Hey guys,i have a problem with my Netbackup 6.0 MP4. OS is Windows 2003 Server.If I start the adminconsole of Netbackup I receive this message:"The selected host "___" does not have service BPRD operating.(Error 23)Make sure all services are running ...

repa by Level 2
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Vault job fails

NB 6.0MP4 on windows 2003 Server. I recently upgraded my environment from 5.1MP6 to 6.0MP4 but vaulting did not have any problems. Yesterday, I disabled all policies and stopped services in order to put new drives in the library.  once complete, I de...

NBU 6.0 MP4 and Windows NT 4.0

Is anyone running NBU v6.0 MP4 and Windows NT 4.0 clients?  What version of the NBU client are you running?  Do you have any problems with these NT 4.0 servers on version 6 that you did not have on version 5? ThanksMacon 

Macon by Level 3
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Netbackup 6.5

Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this, does anyone know when this version will be released.  Symantec's support is beyond useless, they cannot tell me when it will be available.

Unable to pause catalog

Hi guys, got this message from one of the policy as the backup was partially successful. Did a search online and found 2-3 methods with regards to this problem. Did not follow the methods as they required the Indexing service to be started. whereas i...

ngdan by Level 3
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6.0 MP5...when?

Does anyone know when MP5 is going to be released?  Contemplating upgrading from 5.1MP4 to 6.0MP4, but the more I read, the less confident I become. 

Veritas Vault Reports?

I have configured my system to perform duplication Vault jobs. This process seems to work properly, but the problem I am having is that when I go to view the Vault Reports, I get no results for the search. I have checked with the report "Images On Me...