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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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(2016) Disk Storage Server is Down

I hope someone can help or point me in the right direction. I have a storage server that has the name and ip address associated with the disk pool/storage unit.  The ip address of the storage server changed and now I am receiving Storage Server down....

emdlove by Level 4
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Resolved! Hardware Encrypted Tape

Hi,I have a site that will be closing that uses a Spectra Logic library with encryption key set, I was wondering what is the best proceedure to reuse the tapes in our other libraries, is it a case of importing the old site library key into the other ...

Resolved! loss of part of the catalog

Hi, I get a master NBU server. I noticed that the catalog has a huge hole.Some backups should have a retention of two years or infinity but are not present on the catalog but they are present on tape. I was able to re-import some data by rereading th...

About offsite backup to tape using two media servers

I am new to Netbackup.I have two sites and two OST devices in these two sites.Only Site B has a tape library.I want to backup VM to OST in Site A and duplicate the backup site to OST inSite B. I think its possible even I can do it in Backup Exec.But ...

kf2013 by Moderator
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Unable to configure tape drive

Hi,One of the tape drive was replaced but when we are trying to reconfigure it, we are getting error "another device configuration is already in progress". We have restarted NBU services and media manager services on media server. We have also follow...


Hi.I'm backing up Linux FS to a Data Domain Storage. The clients and the Master Server are NB 7.7.3I'm doing restore tests with these FS.The user wants to restore the path /xxx/yyy of the client linux_1 to the folder /aaa/bbb in the same client. The ...

Does pbx run on inactive node of clustered master

Nbu 7.7.3 on 2 node Linux cluster using vcsWe experienced all backups failing with statuses 26 and 47.I shutdown Nbu on all media servers and cleaned up processes. Then I failed cluster over to secondary node then tried to fail back to primary.

Resolved! NetBackup Hardware Tier Matrix

Hello all.I haven't been able to find the NDMP hardware tier Matrix for NBU. Any clue on where to find such a document?I've tried the NBU licensing guide sugested path in partnernet (Licensing > Pricelists > Additional Pricing Documents), VOX communi...

CHACONR by Level 3
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Resolved! What's NetBackup Web Management Console?

Sounds a like stupid question, but what's " NetBackup Web Management Console"?What's its URL, and how to configure/start the web service?I can't find any detailed document about it from Veritas.I know NetBackup Appliance Web Console, but it's differe...

rossxu by Level 4
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SLP - Pro Tip - Use Storage Unit Groups where possible!

Just migrated in some new media servers. I had to update several hundred SLP policiesCreated some storage unit groups, like Tape Group 1, Tape Group 2 and pointed the SLP at the storage unit groups.Next time I update my tape media servers, I can just...

Genericus by Moderator
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Resolved! Barcode rule problem.

Hi guys.I am having a bit of a problem with a new site I inhereted. Local contact loaded tapes yesterday and when doing the inventory, I get a conflict. Checking why I find out that there are no barcode rules set on the server, so by default it is ta...

RMAN restore backup piece not found

Dear All, Kindly note our DBA team is trying to refresh the preproduction environment from the production and they are using RMAN for restore, the try to test the restore and got the error below, noting that the prodution NB client is 7.5 and pre is ...

Best Way to configure FLASH BACKUP

Dear Friends,I have a small query ...I have an windows server with d: drive 1 TB and used space 90% & e: drive 1 TB used space 80 % in both the drives there are around 10 Million flat file backup is taking almost 3 days to completed that to ...

Resolved! another bug found in 7.7.3

so i have this backup policy scheduled at 9pm. i changed it, from the GUI console, to be 8pm. it accepted, no errors, and upon double checking seconds later it still shows the new timing.a few seconds later i happen to select that backup policy by mi...

manatee by Level 6
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