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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Changing Media Server of Local NDMP Backup

Master :- LINUX Server:- LINUX are taking backup of NDMP filer through NDMP storage unit. We are planning to change the existing configuration and create new Storage unit with new media server and start taking NDMP backup throu...

nbu123 by Level 5
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Netbackup Backup Perfomance

Good dayPlease advise how can i improve netbakcup perfomancePlease advise i  have netbackup Environment with below servers1. Master server 7.7.3-Windows- 20GB Bonded network2.Media server 7.7.3 -Windows - 20GB Bonded network3.Data domain - 10GB If go...

NDMP backups after media server decomm

Hi,We are planning to decomm a media server that takes ndmp backups with infinite retention. So can you please give process or kb article to successfully move ndmp backup images to a new media server that can be used for restore purpose in future?

Resolved! delaying a policy

NBU have this RMAN policy that runs daily at 9pm. lately, the backup is taking more time to finish the backup such that it overlaps the 9pm scheduled start time of itself. so what would happen is the 9pm schedule would get pushed and starts ...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! NBU status: 830, EMM status: No drives are available

Hi We are using Symantec Netbackup 7.0.1(Operating System: Redhat Linux 5.5) with Dell PV LT0 3-060 Robotic Tape Drive . We are getting Error Message : nbu status: 830, emm status: all compatible drive paths are down, but media is available.I have lo...

Unable To Decommise Media Server

Im trying to decommise a Media Server but when i run the nbdecommission -list_ref -oldserver command its failedand give me the following result:Server ssjsed3000 is a member of the following media sharing groups:    UNRESTRICTED_SHARING_GROUPI need t...

junka by Level 3
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Re: "bpimmedia" command hangs for more than 20 hours

>Which switches and options did you use with bpimmedia?-dp and -stype>Where exactly did you run the command?I executed the command from some other machine(testing framework)  using ssh.>Can you see bpimmedia still in process table?Please see the belo...

Resolved! Exchange 2010 Public Folder differential backup

HelloI have truble with Exchange 2010 Public Folder differential backup. Job failed with status 130.I found in bpfis log 06:30:10.596 [15248.14556] <2> onlfi_vfms_logf: INF - SHADOW::GetWriterStatus(): Start Phase SNAPSHOT_PREPARE 06:30:10.846 [15248...

Uniken1 by Level 4
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Resolved! Hyper v backups failing with 48 status

Hello All, I am facing issue with HYPER -V backup.  Previousely it was working fine. Yesterday we have tried to do some changes in HYPER-V cluster server IP address and after that it started failing with 48 status.What would be the cause? Can anyone ...

upgrade from version 7.7.1 to 7.7.2

All,I know total 6-8G FS size we need for the upgrade. my question is :my software is under /usr/openv FS . what other FS(like: /opt, /tmp) get effected while/after upgrade activity in terms of size and approx. how much?Thanks  

lovee by Level 5
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Resolved! 3 clients backup returning error status 112

I'm unable to backup 3 clients, I always get error code 112, but I can't find what's wrong.Anyone can help me and let me know which logs I should be looking at please?ThanksPhil

Client backup running very slow

Hello,         Yesterday am doing so many clients backups,all backups are completed in time period,but one client backup is not complete in time.Actually that client backup is running very i was went office,still that client backup is runn...

Siva143 by Level 3
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Unable to add a new trusted Master Server

I am attempting to set up a trusted master server but it is coming back "the remote master server is not reachable(5613)".  I am able to ping the target master (appliance running 2.7.3) from the windows master server (running 7.7.2).  I can also acce...

Oracle Backup

can any one explain the below question?In oracle database backup why we need to down all the database servers while we are taking backup ?Why down time should be more than 10 mints?  reason?

Siva143 by Level 3
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