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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Install NBU Java Admin Console Windows

HiI need to install java administration console on my windows PC can someone tell me where can i download software and what all the things required to download it.Netbackup Version: ThanksSandeep

Sybase backup success with no child

Hi dear all, I create a sybase backup script on windows client when I run backup mannual backup successful with no child and no kilobyte written. this is client bphdb logSYBACKUP_SERVER = masterSYBACKUP_POLICY = policy SYBACKUP_SCHED = sybase-policyS...

Resolved! Moving NBU to a different drive on windows

Hi all,The drive where NBU sits (D:, a drive for NBU only) will be full soon, and I need to prepare for this. So far I've seen two options:A. Cloning the drive to a new one, stop all NBU services and swap the letters of the new and old drives. Reboot...

Resolved! get list of images older than X time or date

Hi all,I guess this is done with the bpimagelist command and switches like -d and -e, but I'm not sure of the syntax.I would like to get a list of all images with a backup date older than 01/07/2009 for instanceThanks!

Resolved! NOexpire file did not honored by master server

Hello,Per the subject line, i had a situation where inspite of having NOexpire file well before in time, but still image fragements got deleted from MSDP. Any thoughts ? Does 7612 has any issues while using this File ? Thanks..

PatS729 by Level 5
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Upgrading clients to 7.7.3 using LiveUpdate

Hi I'm wanting to use LiveUpdate to upgrade NetBackup clients from version to 7.7.3 Apparently this 'major/minor' upgrade is now a supported route using LiveUpdate for clients:- "With NetBackup 7.1 and later, NetBackup LiveUpdate supports ...

Request for Information

Looking for comparisons, please post your KB/Sec for a full backup of 4TB and if it was LAN or SAN Transport.  Also what is the best KB/SEC you have seen your system generate. Our old system could do 3 TB in 7hours   Thanks  

Ivano by Level 2
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Sharepoint backups failing with status 2

The sharepoint backups are failing with status code 2 when a new service account is being updated. I have updated the new service account to be used as the logon account for Netbackup services on all the servers which are part of the Sharepoint farm....

drives are in use in storage unit ???

Hi Team,    im using netbackup to trigger RMAN Bakcup script, in the first place i faced limit has been reached for the logical resource limitation, after i set Max Jobs per Client  to 4, now im facing this "driver are in use in storage unit" . may...

Resolved! Netbackup Replication Director + AIR

Hello,   Can we use AIR with replication director (RD) for both image and MSDP replication ?   Do i required to create Seperate SLP for that or i can use same RD SLP for AIR ?   Thanks

Utilizing SLP for vault

Hi   Current environment:   Main DC: Master: RHEL 6.7. NBU version 7.7.2Mediaserver: RHEL 7.2 NBU version 7.7.2 Remote DC: Master: RHEL 6.7. NBU version 7.7.2Mediaserver: RHEL 7.2. NBU version 7.7.2 Both media servers are taking backups i...

NetBackup Appliance SMTP configuration

Hello All, We are using NetBackup Appliance 5230 OS:RHEL 6.x and netbackup version We have configured SMTP alerts on appliance level for hardware and software . We have few custom scripts which we run in maintainence mode. We would like to ...

status 54 error

Hi all I am having a status 54 error on my netbackup client (solaris 10 10/8) master is SUSE Linux 10 server in the bp.conf file there are two media servers in bp.conf file on client  whose names are not being resolved by  DNS one media serve is not...

nmour92 by Level 3
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