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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Scratch pool with multiple media types

Greetings, In my environment I have both LTO4 and LTO5 media and am looking to add a scratch pool to simplify tape management. Given that these need to be in separate volume groups, and that we can only have a single scratch pool, what is the proces...

W4 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Check the waiting time for backup

Hi, Can you please tell me what should I do if I want to increase the waiting time for backups? Suppose there is one drive and one backup running. Second backup job is in queue since there is only one drive in this case. After some specified time ...


Hi All,   Below is the Activity Monitor log file for restoration using NDMP - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Make SLP to Span second copy of database on minimum tapes

Scenario: 1. RMAN backup done by using only ONE policy for all the RAC databases.  2. One SLP used to Backup  to Advanced Disk ( on 3 media servers) and then duplicated using Tapes (1 Robot shared on 3 media servers) 3. Disk backup is retained for...

backup sql server management studio

Hello,    I want to make backup for database in sql server management studio, but I have a problem during execution a file .bch   4/18/2016 1:04:12 PM - Info nbjm(pid=6588) starting backup job (jobid=167837) for client alg-sql01, policy ALG-SQL01...

Change Expiration date of a SLP Image

Hi, We are having in our environment. The Snapshot, Replication are managed by SLP. We also have Replication Director involved. We have 1 image whose snapshot completed and it was replicated to Secondary storage which is Netapp Filer succes...

imashu by Level 4
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Catalog Import

Hi All,   We have closed the backup site A and build New server in Site B and all clients migrated to Site B.  There are some long term tapes in Site A. So I want to import them into Site B. Site A Catalog has been copied to tape and I want import ...


Hi,   Are there any firewall ports required for replication?   NBU 7.7 running on RHEL 6.5   Thanks!

nbuengr by Level 5
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Resolved! Media server down in cluster

I am using netbackup7.7 in windows 2012 server. I have two media servers in which one of the media server is having cluster with another server (which is not a netbackup media/master server) . Now from the last few days one of my media server is goin...

Resolved! Netbackup Catalog recovery with MSDP media server

I have a site with a 772 master server and a 772 media server, this is a remote site used as a target for AIR replication.  The master server has failed and I need to recover this server. Media server containing MSDP pool including primary copy of ca...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Load balancing for multiple SLPs

Hi everyone,   We currently have 3 Netbackup media servers, media1, media2 and media2, all media servers have tape library attached, own puredisk diskpool and SLP configured on them to migrate data from disk to tape. Due to many backup policies so...

Resolved! Netbackup backward compatibility with Win2003 and DDBoost

Hi, I'm preparing to upgrade from Netbackup to, which we heed to support VSphere 6.0. We have numerous Windows servers ranging from Win2003 x32 to Win 2012. Two media servers have SAN visibility of the VMWare datastores and are used ...

Resolved! how to recover catalog from standalone master server to clustered server.

hi,Everyone!    standalone master server: windows 2008r2                                               nbu    clustered server:windows 2008r2  * 2                                veritas cluster server                               nbu 7....

Found Coda 24 when Full Backup weekly.

Dear All           I always found this Error coda when have weekly Full Backup in my mail server. BTW fix facing problem uninstall Netbackup Client 7.5 then reinstall again after than able to backup normally. after one week Full backup start found...

aonej20 by Level 2
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