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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Migrate Netbackup master server to VMware virtual machine

Hello,We're having a Netbackup 8.2 master server running on RHEL 6 on an old HP Proliant DL 380 G6 server. As both OS and hardware are beyond end of support, we'd like to migrate the master to a virtualized environment, because it is easier for futur...

AdN by Level 4
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Netbackup 9.1 vault Management Auto Eject Issue

helloI am writing to ask for help.netbakcup configuration: nbumaster-----nbudr----Tape (TS3200)I am backing up to tape with the above configuration.There is nothing wrong with getting a backup.However, an issue occurred in Eject.The current schedule ...

bad tape with reused or replace?

Hi All,I have more questions about the tape LTO5. If tape error "bad tape" can I reuse it? or have to replace- have attachmentThank you.

Confine "unconfined" daemons - Netbackup for Linux

Hi,Recently we have a 3rd party firm run a Tenable configuration scan on our rhel 7 master servers for audit purposes. As a result, a couple of running  nbu services like pbx_exchange, vnetd, bpxd  got flagged as "unconfined daemons".  I understand s...

chcast by Level 1
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Atualização do java para o Netbackup 7.7.2

Boa tarde!Recebi uma vulnerabilidade do Java que está instalado para o Netbackup 7.7.2Alguem sabe me informar se para essa versão do Netbackup ainda é possivel atualizar o java e se é recomendavel?  

PMASP01 by Level 1
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Primary Server with SCCM & SQL Server

it is possible to have a "primary server" with SCCM (NO AGENT) installed and also a SQL server studio , my customer wants to use my primary server as "multipurpose". I want to document this risk but I can't find any information 

Netbackup API usage 9101

hellois there anyoen usign netbackup API calls in prod setup. I tested few API in our test env but dont know how to integrate it further.we are looking to use API to add new VMs under backup. any help .

Azhar4 by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup 9.1 I want to Duplicate to one tape

- I want to Duplicate to one tape The tape is 400GB200 GB of data to be DuplicateHowever, while receiving 4079L3 Duplicate, the last one is mounted on 4087L3 and Duplicate is performed on another tape. Is there a policy of backing up to one tape? For...

NetBackup Nutanix AHV Backup Advice

Hi AllIs anyone out there experienced with NetBackup backing up Nutanix AHV environments, particularly using Flex Appliances?I have some work to look at but could do with a chat with someone that has experience of this in particular if they are using...

Mark_Solutions by Level 6
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Report Full media

Dear Community, I would like to every monday  NBU sends me a report about full media.How l can write query for this ? Beforehand Thanks.

Tabriz by Level 5
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flex instance

if i want to use in a new environment MSDP Disk Storage do i have to create on my flex 2 instances? (1 master and 1 media )as i read from Veritas Flex Appliance Guide i cant create MSDP on master

sandreou by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup upgrade on Suse server

Hi,i would upgrade NBU Client 7.6.1 to newer version, on a Linux Suse. I verified on server and these are information:clnt01:{root}:~ $ cat /etc/SuSE-releaseSUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (x86_64)VERSION = 12PATCHLEVEL = 1clnt01:{root}:~ $ uname -r2...

2 types of restores from 1VM with 2 different masters

Hello,we are trying to do 2 types of restoration from a VM  from 2 different masters (with bprestore command)Indeed, we have master01 netbackup dedicated to VM backups and master02 for databases.The netbackup client has been installed on this VM to m...

Cr13 by Level 3
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instances in Flex appliance

Hello Experts,I am new on Flex appliance. is instances are mandate to create on netbackup flex appliance?cant we perform backups from headunit?

Dav1234 by Level 5
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Problems recovering NetBackup Catalog from an old server ...

Hello everybody, I am trying to recover a NetBackup catalog from an old server and get the following error ...ERR - Failed to execute command C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\bprestore.exe -w -T -X -K -C OLDSERVER -t 35 -p DU10_CAT_02 -e 163549...

Didi7 by Level 4
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NetBackup and Pure Storage Faster//Better

Today, most business-critical applications run on high-performance all-flash storage arrays.  The same forces that drive business to demand high performance from their applications apply to data protection operations.  In fact, the stakes are even hi...

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GNeil by Level 4
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remove 1 tape library from backup

Hi.i was wondering if someone can enlight me with my issue. im currently have 3 tape library with dedicated media agent for each question will be, what will be the impact if i take out one of the tape library and media agent out of NBU?wha...

Backup job fail Error 4243 Vmware

Hello, I have a backup fail with the error 4243 Unable to connect to the VirtualCenter server, but i have a ping to Vcenter and the credential "administrator" works fine. 22-03-2022 16:00:27 - snapshot backup of client SPRCMFS001 using method VMware_...

robertoaxity by Moderator
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