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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.5 on Win 2K3 32 bit servers

I am about to install Netbackup 7.5. on my Win 2K3 SP2 32 bit master server.   The patch requirements do not mention Win 2k3, only Win 2008.    I am aware that Win 2K3 EOL is within the next month, so there is a project scheduled to refresh the serve...

mudabo by Level 4
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VMWare backup failed

Hi all,   I'm using Netbackup on Windows Server 2008 R2. I'm doing backup for virtual machines using vCenter 5.5u2. Before the issue, Netbackup was 7.5 and VMWare was 5.0u1, since the upgrades i'm facing many backup problems, some backups ...

Resolved! Running out of drive space DB is huge.

Ever week I have to clean up the logs. which give me about 11 GB to keep everything moving.   This is a windows server master/media, and also has OPcenter running on it. Server 2008 R2 standard SP1 64Bit Drive space is 278GB and I am down to 9.4...

Resolved! Catlogback up Delay

Hi All 1. Can you tell me approximately how much time will it take to complete the Catalog Back up ? We have 2 NBU servers. Find attachments of time differences for Catalog Back ups. 2. Can you tell me the difference b/w Master Server and Media Se...

Resolved! Readout VMX Information from Backup Image

Hello, I've found the following Article from Symantec: There you can see, that the VM attributes are gathered and stored in the backup image The virtual machine attributes are still gath...

Daniel_Be_ by Level 4
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Resolved! (4207) Could not fetch snapshot metadata or state files

hi all please i have netbackup 7.6 on linux  wend i tried to backup exchanche i have this error : ²20 avr. 2015 15:47:58 - Info nbjm (pid=4200) starting backup job (jobid=50468) for client mailboxeserver, policy nbuexchgdb, schedule exchbckweek_ful...

Lou123 by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup Cluster Offline

I am master of the connection failure problems with the server cluster (veritas cluster) with this netbackup the Administration Console can not perform any operations. Does someone can help me. Cluster name: Connected Group Status - Faulted: 2 Sy...

Resolved! maximum partially filled media - another "why is this is"

hi all, I see this topic comes up from time to time but I also see that there supposadly was in the works the ability to override the EOM in order to force spanning I guess (in order to fill partially full active media). We are running, Sola...

schrammd by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup server is not connecting with client

Hi,   I have master & media servers with RHEL6.5 OS & the client is windows 2012 os . The NB servers are in LAN & the client is in DMZ network . In windows PC firewall is  turned off.  Firewall team is opened these ports in firewall to perform bac...

Resolved! Back up error

Hi All 4/18/2015 1:45:29 AM - mounted; mount time: 00:01:21 4/18/2015 1:45:29 AM - positioning 0031L3 to file 1 4/18/2015 1:45:33 AM - positioned 0031L3; position time: 00:00:04 4/18/2015 5:30:57 AM - Error bpbrm(pid=2032) from client 10.17...

Resolved! Oracle RAC backup

Hi, I'm Oracle DBA which tries to prepare policies and scripts for NBU (7.6) to backup 2 node Oracle RAC databases. In documentation in Appendix B I find nice description for differe...

Resolved! High and low watermark

Hello Experts,   I need to check the basic watermark functionality with my NAS storage device using NBU. I have a filesystem to test (say 2 Gb).  i have created a storage unit with CIFS UNC path and set the high watermark to 70% and low watermark ...

Resolved! Unable to login,status:514

I am not able to log into the Netbackup Java Admin console. It was running all Ok. Today morning itself its not possible to login.What could be the best resolution for the same.

Resolved! VMWARE backup running slow compare to normal backups

Hi, I have configured backup using VMWARE host but the backups are running very slow 100GB in one hour 10mins. I have tested using normal file level backups it is taking only 50mins for 100GB. But Vmware policy backups should be fast as we are takin...

Resolved! Shared Linux folder on Windows

Hi All Good day! Our client is planning to backup a Linux Server( CentOS 7). So one of their options is to create a Linux Shared folder that is seen on their Windows Server. Basically, its more on a File Shared folder. How can I backup the Linux s...

nbuengr2 by Level 4
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