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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup BMR discovery error

Hello,   i have configured a BMR master server on a linux master server. also configured a BMR boot server on a 2008 R2 and configured 2 SRT one for x32 and one for x64 (both at i have 2 issues: 1. for a win2003 SP2 standard i cannot...

florin_s by Level 4
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Resolved! BMR, successful But .......

hi Guys , i need just to understand one poitn, my master server is an Aix , running NBU7.5.0.6 Backup windows 2008R2 all drives successful , Active directory restored successfully and online... i've selected restore system disks/volumes only .... but...

Resolved! netbackup bpcd

Hi Folks, I am reading the NBU admin guide both windows and unix and process flow.   However it is not clear regarding the process happening on clients. 1.We have 6.5 client.When bpbrm process on media server contact the client.Then what happens on c...

noazara by Level 6
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Resolved! using Netbackup for P2V for DR purpose

hi,   i'm wondering if anyone is using this scenario and how it's setup... as far i can se Backup Exec has B2V and P2V support built in but not the case with Netbackup.   thanks, florin  

florin_s by Level 4
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Resolved! Client/Policy Backup success report

Hi all, every morning I check in Netbackup if all the backups of the last ~14 hours ran sucessful. But I have the problem that sometimes the policy needs 2 attempts to backup up the clients, the first one fails but the client is backed up in the seco...

Recovery from toal Active Directory failure

We are investigating  recovery when all Windows  Active Directory replicas have become corrupt and unuseable ( this happened to a local site recently).  The initial step should be an authoritative restore . However, we are using an  NBU master/media/...

jkjk84 by Level 2
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Resolved! Remote media server on backup network

I have an interesting scenario In a remote site i would like to create a backup network and the clients and media server of that site will have a NIC on that network. i wont all backups from clients to media to go through the backup network. The cave...

Efi_G by Level 4
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Different versions being displayed in GUI and Server

I installed a SAN and a LAN agent of version on AIX and Windows server respectively. The Netbackup version on my GUI console is showing correctly but on the Solaris server , when I use the command bpgetconfig -g <hostname>, it shows 7...

NDMP restoration failing

I fired a restoration and it failed after 567GB of data getting restored. The destination has a  total space of 1.4TB out of which only 763GB is used. Since enough space is available in the destination why is the restoration failing with the below m...

Restore from Netbackup to Different Server

Hi, We have the need to restore our entire environment in order to extract some archives to PST. We are running our environment on Vmware and have 1 x EV 9.01 Server and 1 x SQL Server. We backup the environment using Netbackup. Am I correct in think...

Paul_E by Level 5
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Resolved! Catalog Recovery

Hi All, I have a single physical server setup of Windows 2008 as Master / Client on 7.5. Recently the HDD has shown some problem and as per vendor 3 disk needs to be replaced which is in RAID 5. As per vendor, there has to be backup copy incase of an...

NBU2010 by Level 6
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Resolved! No cleaning tapes

I am getting this error, when I need to clean my tape drivers on a IBM Tape library I am doing the following Using the administrator console on my pcGo to device monitor Right click on drive nameClick on drive clean/clean now No clean tape is define ...

Resolved! ERROR: Connection rejected by PBX exchange

Hi  I got a problem,when I start the java console(jnbSA) from the master server,then I got the error (see below)   Then i view the log as below /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops/nbjlogs/jbp.root.jnbSA.19328.log   ICACHE.PBXIOPCredsHandler-> Service...

____111 by Level 3
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Resolved! If frozen media can be used again

Hi All, Need a doubt to be cleared. We are having less amount of tapes in our scratch pool. So, was thinking of reusing a media which will be expiring in the next three days. My main question is, when I gave the command "bpmedialist -summary" in the ...

Resolved! Snapmirror to tapes mostly partially completed (SMTAPE)

Hi All, We have a problem with our NDMP backups. The jobs are failing with status code 1. Backup Selection Configuration:   Below is the detailed status. 11/21/2013 5:06:55 PM - Info bptm(pid=1232) Waiting for mount of media id 5437L4 (copy 1) on se...

Jojie by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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