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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! SLP's, VTL's and tape library's.. oh my

Hey all,   Had a question regarding using SLP's to duplicate data from virtual tape drives to physical tape drives.   We have 12 physical tape drives and are looking at using a VTL to backup data directly from Netbackup media servers and then from th...

Best way to track how much data has been backed up

Hey all,   I am currently trying two methods to discover the best way to track how much data has been backed up via the media servers for a given period of time.  Here are my two approaches:   1.) Created a report on OpsCenter that looks at the "Job ...

Resolved! Clustered NetBackup Master Server Windows 2012

Hello, I've been told to avoid WIndows clustered master servers because "they don't work". What's your experiences?I understand that in a cluster, each member node can be an individual media server. I'm interested in this approach because I can get t...

TA0 by Level 4
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Resolved! Why does Ghost Jobs run in Netbackup.

Hi Team, Iam new to Netbackup,Please help im me understanding the reason on why the blank jobs run's automatically in netbackup. Every day there are couple of jobs which are shown in our netbackup environment which has only job ID ,reset all columes ...

RajNK by Level 3
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VMWare Policy Type Backup

I have 6 vms in my VMWare policy type. 1 vm is failing with an error 156 . All the other vms are backing correctly. Attached is the jobs details. NBU on master/media NBU on client master/media OS 2008 R2 client vm OS 2008 R2 Policy ...

snawaz3 by Level 6
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Resolved! NDMP Error Code 174

Hi! I'm back again with more problems. Thanks in advance for the help. I am having NDMP backup and restore issues and I believe they are related. The first issue is that after a job shows 100% complete and is no longer writing any data, it take...

danhatt by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup Phase 1 Import hanging

Hello House,   I am doing fiirst import of LT03 media and it is hanging with "Media in use" ; "A pending request has been generated for this request , operator action may be required:No action :   -I hope not changing the density of the LT04 drives t...

Ayes by Level 4
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DAG Mailbox failed to restore error code 2810

environment: windows 2008 Netbackup Master / Media server Exchane 2010 DAG between two server exch01 & exch02 NBU Client   Problem: I have created my GRT Enabled policy using Virtual Name of “DAG” in client Tab of Policy, policy run s...

mumair109917 by Level 6
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Resolved! agent querry..NBU 7.5 WIN 2008

Hi All, I have to configured agent based backups. like wise for sql and oracle backup,We need sql agent ond oracle agent on the client. What in case of lotus notes,exchange,sybase,db2,SAP ?  We need to have each agent on client? For a windows client ...

noazara by Level 6
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File Read Failed (13)

Hi all, I have been suffering with this issue on and off for a few weeks, it really is inconsistent! NBU Enviroment: Master\Media Server - - Windows Server 2008 R2 STD 64-Bit Problem Client - - Windows Server 2008 R2 ENT 64-Bit Job De...

Resolved! Defferetial-Incremental Backup cannot Backup MS-Windows Policy

Hi all, previously, sorry for my English and i´m NB newbie! Following situation: NBU Windows Media Server and a Windows sbs 08 client with sbs NBU On the client a SAN-Share is connected, data is written to it. Share this should be s...

Resolved! Staging area guidance with different retention policies

Hi, We have an existing system, running Netbackup 7.5 on Solaris, without vaulting licences. Currently we have a number of policies and schedules running, with different retention periods, that all run direct to tape. There are a number of different ...

Resolved! Exclusion list job-based

Hi all, I'm using NetBackup7.5 for the first time, I'm configuring backup policies. I saw the exclusion list is global, client-based. I need to do it job-based, really isn't there a way to do it?   I mean, the idea is to create 2 policies for the sam...

Dado by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbacup media server to master server firewall requirement

Hi we have an deployment with below requirment, let us know how to achieve the same.   Master server running on windows 2003 standard connected with DD640 as storage. location bangalore We are planning to create media server with 2008 and connect wit...

Resolved! Reading LT03 Media with LT04 AND LT05 DRIVES

Hello House,   Could some assit to give a checklist to restore data from backup taken to LT03 media using LT04/LT05 drives. I need this to povide critical data backup data taken then with infinite retention.   Many thanks for all 

Ayes by Level 4
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Resolved! To backup a NBU client directly to 5020 PD appliances ?????

Constraints : 1. I want to backup the client directly to appliance with no media server in between. 2. Over the LAN from client to appliance. ==============================    If I make the NBU client as SAN/FT media sever and convert that SAN/FT med...

Resolved! Netbackup command for listing capacity of Disk STU's

Hi All We have Disk STU attached to our media servers in Netbackup There are occassions where STU reaches its high water mark and backups start failing. I need a netbackup command to list capacity of each disk STU like its used space ,availab...

Resolved! Oracle database recovery

Situation -   1. We backed up an Oracle DB using RMAN and NB Oracle agent. 2. RMAN catalog got deleted. 3. Backup is still there under Netbackup as corresponding NB catalog images are not expired yet.   Problem - How do I recover the oracle database ...

Resolved! Netbackup robots not working

Hi All, I am facing a issue with robtest not working on netbackup 7.1 on solaris 10. I can see the robots and drives are deteted by O.S but not sure why robtest is not working. Below are few ouputs of few commands. HTML Code: $PWD>cfgadm ...