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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Backing up Netapp DB LUN Using NDMP

Hi All,   Could anybody tell me what are the best practices to backup a Netapp LUN via NDMP to tapes. and also please suggest the best parameters to keep in mind while doing this and it is like we need to have 3 sets of tapes 1 set we will have them ...

Windows Media Server staging disk activities

Hi, We have a Windows Media Server running Netbackup 7.5. There is a staging disk configured in the server using an external storage (HDS). The activities of the staging disk is 100% view in HDS started from around 18:30hrs every Sat to Sun around 11...

YC by Level 4
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Resolved! Disk volume is full

This is the layout: Master Server:  Solaris 10 NBU Media Server 1 & 2:  Linux 2.6  NBU On the master NBU GUI under reports>problems (volume Media1_DD01:Internal_16 is down (Not ok on root) as well as (volume Media1_DD02:Internal_16 is...

Resolved! Backup CIFS share on HP StorageWorks D2D4324 - G2

I have a share where the DBAs write all their backups.  Need to set up a backup of the share, but, as far as I know, there's no way to install the client on the D2D so I have to back up by UNC.  Tried to follow the instructions in the post below, but...


HI All, currently we are using SAP BRTOOLS based backup and working towards using RMAN. i have license for NetBackup for SAP and suggested my DBA to go with RMAN with SAP brtools, in turn he wanted to go RMAN and showed me the below table, in order t...

Resolved! Way to see the loaded in Standalone tape drive remotetly

Can someone tell me the command or way to find out if the tape is loaed in Standalone tape? I work from a remote place and need to find out if tape is there in the drive or not? I know one command vmoprcmd -d where it is not showing anything in Recor...

location netbackup - problem with restore

Hello, I had a problem with a location of netbackup, the File system of the installation of netbackup was full. I moved the contains of /usr/openv in the new File system : /netbackup_new and I restart netbackup process, I had the error : Database [NB...

mouna by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup simulator

Hello All,   Can anyone share me the details about netbackup simulator.   Regards Kallada

Resolved! Managing Netbackup 6.5 with Java administration console problems

Hi all, will appreciate if someone could help... I am trying to configure java administration console to manage the master server running on Netbackup 6.5. UserID is another normal domain account.(NOT administrator) I managed to log in to the master ...

Tiong by Level 3
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Restore VM with status code 2820

I backup vm is success Backup host : Win(Master  Server) ESXI 5.0 as following: Original location restore     restore vm  with 2820   see attachment    thanks for help me

eten by Level 4
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Resolved! NBU - Add a second master server for a client

Is it possible to add a second master to the client configuration?   I'm testing with a second master server and trying to restore data to the original client but I need to make this client to communicate to the test master server without interruptin...

mmeeggaann by Level 5
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Need to remove rogue media server

When the Old Master Server failed, I built a new server.  Inadvertently, I called it snbmaster1, because the snbmaster was still online.  I took the old Master offline and renamed this server to match the old "snbmaster" and changed the IP address to...

Windows 2008 Nebackup restore issue

I am starting to see this on all our 2008 Windows 64bit Servers.   I have tried to restore from 2 different ones now and get the same error.  If I restore on 2003 or older I am fine.  If I restore from the master/Media 2008 server running I h...

Resolved! Monitoring down drives

I created an alert policy in Ops Center that is supposed to email me when any of my drives are down.  At least I thought it would.  I selected General Drive is Down An alert is generated when a drive in a specified robot/media server in the selected ...

Resolved! unable to retrieve version of the server

Hi,   We have UNIX (Solaris 10, X86 ) env that run NetBackup 7.0.1  - Master Server. The Problem is that I try to run NetBackup Administration Console on my PC (Win7) and get message "unable to retrieve version of the server". On "Change Server" Wind...

asaf9280 by Level 2
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Resolved! Backup image

Hi,   I have an issue, one of my server / file system is 100%.   It has two files, that looks like a Backup image, which is contributing 90% of the File system. Will it be a problem if I delete these files..??   Please advise.   Thanks and Regards, ....

Resolved! Vmware backup host

Hi, Our master server and media server are running on Solaris10 and we are at NB7.5.0.5, Are we able to use our Solaris media server as Vmware backup host?    

Anishax by Level 4
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Resolved! Backuping up raw device mapped disk attached to a VM client

I need some knowledge: I'm using Netbackup on Windows Server 2008 with a master and 2 media servers that are my VMWare backup hosts. I. - Backing up VM's with attached RDM disk: I've read the VMWare and snapshot client documentation but I'm s...

Resolved! Catalog Backup strategy

My catalog is starting to get pretty large (450gb) and its becoming a bear to backup and replicate everyday.  Currently i am doing fulls every day and then duplicating to tape.  On weekends i do a full but this one replicates to an offsite appliance ...