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client agent upgrade from 6.5 ->8.1.2

Level 2

while upgrading client agent upgrade from 6.5 ->8.1.2 , failed with error (7251 - Process cannot be stopped) 

please guide to fix this issue


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Rather remove/uninstall NBU 6.5 software completely, reboot the client, then install 8.1.2.

Level 6
It is recommended to upgrade to 7.7.3 before going up to 8.X as so many changes happened between 6.c’x, 7.X through 8.0 (binaries, folders.. locations) and try to uninstall the v6 with the browser.exe by selecting modify/uninstall..
Try also to fo it with the script named uninstall attached with binaries.. good luck

Yep, it works, Thanks.

Also, is there any limitations on adding client in the deployement schedule (Can we schedule 50+ client at a time to upgrade the agent ) from 7.X -> 8.1.2  

Please confirm

No - there no limit on the number of clients in a policy. 

There is an option in the policy to limit the number of simultaneous updates (I would definitely be using this).
One thing to consider is connectivity between the server deploying the updates and the clients (it would not be wise to push updates out over a WAN link, if there is an option for a local to the client media server available for this).

Also as with backup policies, the more clients in a single policy the more difficult it is to manage.