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command to list active backup and client name

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how to list the active policy and its client name via CLI


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Hi @ericcruz_telus 

This topic has been asked and answered previously. A quick google search would have provided you with lots of solutions that have been asked here over the years.

The command to use is bppllist and you will need to filter the output. There is no simple solution.

Here is one simple shell command that will display what you are after (maybe not in the form you want)

for p in `bppllist -U -verbose -allpolicies | egrep '^Policy Name|Active' | awk '/Active.*yes/{print x};{x=$3}'`; do
bppllist $p | egrep '^CLASS|^CLIENT' | awk '{ print $1, $2 }' | sed 's/^CLASS/POLICY/'

The output of this will be a list something like (active policies with the clients from each policy): 

POLICY Policy1
CLIENT client1
CLIENT client2
POLICY Policy2 
CLIENT client3

Note that the output from intelligent policies (VMware, SQL & Oracle) may not show what you expect.

The basis for that command came form the following post


Hi David,

I've seen this article but  I am curious if there is cli command to list it and not a shell script.

There is no specific command that will display what you want.

You do not need to put the commands I provided into a  script - it can be run directly from a shell prompt.


Ah...!!! This is a good post!

I was wondering about the following:

How to check to see if a policy is a VM Query and not a client list?

Best way to dump the list of VM Query hosts out of a bppllist if the only known client is MEDIA_SERVER?

@ericcruz_telus brings up a very good topic that I wish I had a really clean way to do that but as @davidmoline  stated above, there's no clean/easy way to do just this.

Maybe this post needs to be in a thread all its own, but it is directly related to the OP's curiosity. :) 


Hi @DPeaco 

To see the VM query filter, look at the INCLUDE string for the polilcy, the first string after INCLUDE should be "vmware:/?filter=" followed by the filter string. I don't think you can assume that if the CLIENT is listed as MEDIA_SERVER then the policy is a VIP one - the key differentiator is the INCLUDE string.