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multiple data streams does not seem to work on NBU6.5???

Level 4
Here are what I currently have regarding multiple data streams:
- Allow multiple data streams is checked in backup policy
- Multiplexing is enabled and maximum streams per drive is 20 in the Storage Unit setting
- Media multiplexing is 20 in the backup schedule
But when I run a backup with multiple streams, only one job runs, and the rest of them are in queued status.
Has anyone with NBU6.5 seen this?  I'm currently at NBU6.5 on Windows 2003.  I was at 6.5.2 at one point with the same issue.

Level 4
What OS(s) are the clients and NBU Client versions?

Level 4
Windows 2003 and 2008.  As for NBU version, a mix of 6.5, 6.0, and 5.4.  However, the clients with this issue are on NetBackup Client 6.5.

Level 6
When I did the upgrade to 6.5 I had issues with some of the policies not doing what they were suppose to.
I copied the policies to new ones (added a 1 to the end) removed the old policy, then copied the new policy back to the original name.
this made them work.
so my suggestion is to copy it or delete and remake the policy to see if it will work.
Warning  - this will cause the next backup to be a full.

Level 4

It turned out to be an easy fix.  Since this was a fresh install of NBU6.5 instead of an upgrade, I need to set the Max jobs per client in the Global Attributes to something other than one.