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not able to login

Level 4
hi all.. I recently upgrade my netbackup version 6.5.5 to 7.0 but when i tried i am not able to log in my java admin console i am using 6.5.5 java admin console.. my server version HP-UX Server1 B.11.31 U ia64 i am getting this error when i try to login my java console.. Unable to login, Status: 514 NB-JAVA : bpjava-msvc is not compatible with this application version (6.5.5). You may try to login to a diffrent Netbackup host or exit the application..the remote netbackup host will have to be configured with the save server version of netbackup as teh host you started the application on... if this 6.5.5 javaq cansole not supporting 7.0 tehn shere the link for downlod natbackup java admin console for 7.0 waiting for reply ,, Thanks...

Level 4

i try to open in my windows machine .. 

Level 6
on the other discussion you should be able to find the Java install in the media for the O/S on which you are trying to run the Admin Console.

So, from your recent update this should be in the install media for Windows .

This is covered in the Install Guide for Windows (Chapter 4):

Level 6
I must admit I struggled but didn't RTFM!

From the Installation Guide:

To install version 7.0 of the NetBackup Java Administration Console on Windows
1 Onthe computer where you want to install the console, do one of the following:
■ Insert the appropriate DVD that contains the NetBackup software.
   On Windows systems with Autorun enabled, the installation starts automatically.
   On Windows systems with Autorun disabled, navigate to the DVD directory and run
■ Navigate to the location where the downloaded files reside and run Browser.exe.
2 On the initial screen, select Installation.
3 On the Installation screen, select Java Windows Administration Console Installation.
4 On the Welcome screen, review the content and click Next.
5 On the License Agreement screen, accept the agreement and click Next.
6 On the NetBackup Installation Type screen, select Install to this computer only and Typical.
7 On the Ready to Install the Program screen, review the Installation Summary and click Install.
8 On the Installation Complete screen, click Finish.
9 To open the console, click Start > Programs > Symantec NetBackup > NetBackup Java version 7.0.