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snapshot could not be creates with auto method , perform a snapshot on solaris 10

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I want to create a snapshot solaris 10 netbackup 8.1 , data is volumunous more than 1To and changes a lot ,

wich snapshot method use for that policy ? please


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Which type of snapshot technology do you have on the client? 
Veritas Infoscale (VxVM and VxFS) or some sort of supported hardware-array snapshot technology? 

Please have a look at these sections in NetBackup Snapshot Client Administrator's Guide 

Automatic snapshot selection

Selecting the snapshot method

Some extracts from 'Automatic' topic:

Use of the auto method does not guarantee that NetBackup can select a snapshot method for the backup. NetBackup looks for a suitable method according to the following factors:
■ The client platform and policy type.
■ The presence of up-to-date software licenses, such as VxFS and VxVM.

Note: The auto method cannot select a snapshot method that is designed for a
particular disk array, such as EMC_TimeFinder_Clone or HP_EVA_Vsnap. You
must select the disk array method from the drop-down list on the Snapshot Options
dialog box.