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When was your Last Backup?

Last Month I had a huge Problem I lost very Important Data from my Computer. That almost even cost my Job! Loosing importat Data sucks!
So If you´ve had the same Problem you should consider the online Backup: The best one I found was ZenOK Online Backup charging only 34 USD per year for 150 GB of backup space. It also includes Free Antivirus which is a PLus.
Anyways you can download it here

Good Luck everyone!! Don´t forget to secure your Data!!

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the information.  I have a small business but fear losing data.  I checked out ZenOK and downloaded the online backup.


that was nice idea  make a back-up online, but I'm fear that my files get leaked. All the account information and confidential file are there. What i normally did is buy a 512G Hard Disk and save my file every 2 weeks.

You can also try backing up

You can also try backing up not individual files but TAR or backup files.
This will make the job a little bit harder to browse your files as people
will first have to install a corresponding backup tool.

I tested this recently sending BE2010 backup files to a small Ctera
appliance which then replicate itself to a remote portal using deduplication.

Small Amount of data can be stored on Hard Disk.

Small Amount of data can be stored on Hard Disk,instead of paying Amount for online backup. Exteranal Hard disk worth to store small size data.

If you have important files,

If you have important files, backing up is definitely a must.  There are numbers of great online backup service you can choose from, I hear Mozy is pretty cool, but you make your choice.  Having an External hard disk is also a great idea just bring it everytime you go and you have your backup wherever you are.