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Windows Does Not Recognize Ibm Lto3 3580

I'm trying to install a new Tape IBM 3580 in my server. I'm runing Windows 2003 in a HP ML110 G2, but I can't figure out how to get this working. I've attached Tape SCSI interface at Adaptec 2120S. During boot process, SCSI Card recognize new tape...

How to remove a Quick i/o file on solaris?

Hi All ,    we have a running solaris and veritas quick i/o files for oracle 9i database . The files no longer exist in the database but somehow exist in the file system . How do we remove the veritas files from the filesystem ?           lr...

nalini by Level 2
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How does ghosting work?

I am trying to solve a problem but I need to know how all this works.   So are there 2 pieces to ghosting? A thing that boots into ghost and then another program that host the ghost image file?   At work we have a PXE server that boots into windo...

Resolved! BE 2012 and Nirvanix

I'm attempting to configure Nirvanix as a cloud storage device, and Nirvanix support confirmed that everything is configured correctly with my account, but I receive the error message "A deduplication storage folder was not found."   The debug logs s...

arodko by Level 2
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PGP Whole Disk Encryption -computer will not boot

I have PGP installed on my computer and when I enter my password the screen goes black and the computer will not boot to the next screen   I have used your product for 3 years so it has worked before.  How can I bypass this and get into my computer? ...

Resolved! Labeling in Symantec Exec 2010

I was just wondering if it was acceptable to place an LT5 barcode label on an LT3 tape in order for it to be written on by exec, as opposed to just being able to be read.  Is exec really incapable of writing to it because of it's lack of space or wha...

Daily backup failure

Dear Sir, Please find below the backup failure report, I tried to download & installed the Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects package version 06.05.7888 on the Exchange 2007 server  still             , stddffr , stil...

Remote Imaging using the RDP to the ghost server

Is it okay to perfrom the remote imaging to the laptops connected at the office via remote login to the ghost server and excuting to push the image? I am getting the fail error message, any suggestion to check whether the DB is corrupted e.t.c.? ...

Aashik by Not applicable
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How do I get Ghost 14 to do this?

Hi All   I need help or advice, I have a copy of Ghost 14.0 and I want to be able to do the following I have two drives both split into 3 partitions c: drive and storage and downloads. Now I want to back up all three drives and as full drives an...

trebor58 by Not applicable
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Online Storage Duplicate Set Copy Needed?

Hello, I am currently running the trial of the Online Storage using Backup Exec 12.5 Small Business Edition. We currently have about 35 - 40GB of data that gets backed up in our full backups that occur once a week now, and about 5GB of data that g...

ntruhan by Not applicable
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Symantec Veritas Storage EXEC 5.3-reinstall problem

Hi All, Recently, i reinstall the Symantec Veritas Storage EXEC 5.3, and i had facing problem on reinstall this application. *My server OS: Window 2003 SP2  *NO install Terminal Services While i reinstall SE, the application does not allow me to ...

yau2914 by Not applicable
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Duplicate to SPN doesn't run

some info:BE 12.5, all updates.SPN installed..  Job setup:-Daily differential to disk-Duplicate to SPN The daily diff to disk runs fine, however the duplicate doesn't run at all, no errors, no sign of it even running.  It is configured properly to ru...

ecm by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Online Storage: Inactive message...

I'm getting a strange message from my SPN portion of BE. In the status icon in the System Tray, it shows:Protection Network: ActiveOnline Storage: Inactive When I check my offsite folders in Backup Exec, I see this message:GeneralStatus: Offline How ...

Account Management...

Does anyone know how to change a role in the SPN partner portal? I need to be changed to a Partner Administrator but I cannot figure out how to do it. Thanks