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Duplicate to SPN doesn't run

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some info:

BE 12.5, all updates.

SPN installed..



Job setup:

-Daily differential to disk

-Duplicate to SPN


The daily diff to disk runs fine, however the duplicate doesn't run at all, no errors, no sign of it even running.  It is configured properly to run when the differential job completes.


I have created a test diff and duplicate to SPN and it works fine.  What settings specifically could prevent the regular differential duplicate from actually running at all?


Level 3

The first thing I would check is to make sure the source jobis set to the correct job you want to backup. I would also check to make sure thesoftware encryption key is set and verify is turned off. Verify is turned offonly on the SPN Duplicate job to decrease the amount of time it would take tobackup.

You should see these two jobs shown on the Job Monitor page. The normal backup andthe Duplicate with the duplicate job stating it is linked to another job.

There are many backup strategies but one note when adding the Symantec Online StorageBackup Exec Service to an existing Differential job is that you want to makesure you get a full backup loaded. Since differentials only backup changes sinceyour last full backup you want to make sure that you have that full backupuploaded in case you ever need to restore.


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