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Ghost 9.0 & Endpoint crashing system

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I have a Windows XP SP3 system that crashes whenever the Ghost 9.0 and Endpoint wizards run. The crash specifically occurs when the programs are enumerating the drives on the system. When the system crashes, the screen becomes pixelated, with a checkerboard array of vertical lines, the cursor can move, but nothing can be interacted with. After about 1 minute, the system restarts, but the pixelation remains until the system is cold booted.

There are 5 other systems with the exact same hardware and software configurations that don't experience this problem. The only unique properties of this particular system are that a few months ago, a few security policies were implemented, such as password storage, auditing logs, and password length & expiration policies. The systems are completely isolated and updates are applied via CD-RW.

Assistance in determining the cause of and solution to this issue would be appreciated.


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I beleive you should post this in the GHOST forum...

You appear to have accidentally posted this in the OpsCenter forum.

Thank you!