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Missing rows in the exported report

Level 4

Hi all,

we are facing a strange issue when generating a report:

- the report we need is about all the backup jobs run in October 2019

- at the end of the process, just before exporting it, we can see all the possible clients in 325,000 rows in the browser

- the csv file generated after the export only shows 300,000 rows and many clients I saw in the browser before exporting, disappear in the csv file

The Ops version is 8.1.2

Could someone help me please? Thank you


Level 6

What is your max export set at currently? You can find it in the report.conf in C:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\server\config

Look for this line in the .conf file report.schedule.max.tabular.rows=

The default is 4000, which it appears you've changed, just find it strange it would stop at 300,000 but that depends on what your current parameter is set at.