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Problem with OpsCenter report, amount of data backed

Hello community!I hope you are very well, I have a question, I need to generate an OpsCenter report which will throw me ALL the data backed up during the period of one month (example: 01/01/2020 - 01/31/2020). Any recommendation? I have tried with so...

Missing rows in the exported report

Hi all,we are facing a strange issue when generating a report:- the report we need is about all the backup jobs run in October 2019- at the end of the process, just before exporting it, we can see all the possible clients in 325,000 rows in the brows...

Intore by Level 4
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OpsCenter 8.2 install guide

Would someone be able to provide the link for the OpsCenter 8.2 install guide.  I am only needing it for my company's software approval and document repository.  I am already very familar with the install process.Thanks in advance.

jc4570 by Level 1
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Sql query for specific view

Hi All,  Ima using below sql query to get last successful for failed jobs.But it gives all master servers data.But I need to extract data for a specific view constructed using my view builder..Can please someone help with what needs to be added to ge...

Report SQL error on date and time

Hi Everyone, how are you?I'm running this query and is returning me with the start and end time totally different from OpsCenter itself, can you help me?select domain_jobarchive.clientname as "Client",nb_jobdbinstancearchive.dbname as "Database","DBA...

Kleber_Marra by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Instance database report

Guys, good afternoonI need a report that shows backup errors for database instances. Can someone with a kind soul help me?

maxhfm by Level 1
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Client Report Without Backup

Hello guys,I need a report that tells me customers who are more than 1 day without backup, can you help me?Thank you.Marra 

Kleber_Marra by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Report of MS-SQL-SERVER and your results

Guys good morning,I need to report to OpsCenter 8.2 for my manager of all MS-SQl-SERVER policy jobs showingcould the job result for each database help me?Could you tell me which tables I need to build a report with the information below:Server NameSQ...

Kleber_Marra by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Restore OpsCenter on different hostname

Hello, had issue and OpsCenter and support was not able to replicate issues so they asked for backup copy of database. But they were able to restore it but not able to connect it.Login screen had this error message: Error occurred while connecting to...

2019-09-23 19_00_58-CHBS Basel NEW - Royal TS.png

Restore jobs in OpsCenter

When initiating a restore in OpsCenter 8.1.2 is there an equivalent to the Netbackup GUI BAR Task Progress tab ?  ThanksSteve

Policy Success Summary - Daily Report

I would like to create a daily report that shows in a summary if a policy was successful or not. That is, one column should be the policy and the other whether it was successful or not ( a success rate would also be OK ). One row per policy only, so ...

Resolved! Installing opscenter 8.2 on a windows 2016

We have Opscenter 8.0 installed on a 2008 windows server. Due to a company directive, we have to decomm our windows 2008 servers in the very near future (in the next few weeks). We are also in the planning stages for upgrading our NB environment from...

DoubleP by Level 5
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OpsCenter job State count Query

Hello,I'm Currently working on an Query to give a "snapshot" of the Current state of all jobs for the past 8 hours.The problem im running in to is it wont include Active jobs (or any jobs that havent ended) I presume this is due to domain_Job.endTime...

SQL Query for Calendar Schedule

Hi all,I'm trying to get this to display in a readable format. Is it possible to format the 'days', 'specificExcludeDates', and 'specificIncludeDates'.SQL Query:SELECTdomain_ScheduleCalendar.policyname,domain_ScheduleCalendar.days,domain_ScheduleCale...

Disable TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 in OpsCenter

I initially used IISCrypto but an nmap scan shows that the protocols and weak ciphers are still enabled.I also tried following this guide - - but it did not help.Any other ideas?