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OpsCenter Vault Report

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Hi. I have several reports running and being sent from OpsCenter 7.5 over NBU

I was wondering on why my Vault Report (the deafult one) never have information on it. Does anyone use it? Does it work without any change (default values)?



Level 6

OpsCenter (free), or OpsCenter Analytics? 

I'm using OpsCenter Analytics and NetBackup master is also

Are you referring to the "Media Reports" -> "Vault Media Usage"?  My report shows information.

Is your Data Collection State for your master server connected, or partially connected?

Any errors in data collection for all of the Data Types you use?

FYI, your OpsCenter server should always be at the same revision (or higher) as your NetBackup master server.  I would recommend upgrading OpsCenter to (skip, there were a few problems with reports).  Having OpsCenter at a lower revision *could* cause some reports to report incorrect info, and the version does fix many reports.

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The Vault Media Usage Report, 

shows off site media trends for selected vaults and current off-site media count. The report consists of two component reports, a bar chart and a table.

The report helps with off-site media trending.

When running the report you can select the vaults your want to be included.

The bar chart shows the weekly trend of off-site media count for the selected vaults.

The table provides the details of vaulted media for the selected vaults. (Media ID, off-site slot number) container ID, expiration date, barcode, etc... 

If this is coming back blank, I would suspect 1 of a few things.

1) No Vault has been configured in NetBackup

2) Data Collection has failed for media data type.

3) Data Collection has failed for the master due to version mismatch. (OpsCenter 7.5 and NBU - as Ron Described.



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Partner Accredited Certified

Hi Ron, it is OpsCenter Analitycs and the report is Vault Media Usage. Its not showing information. We are using Vault since more than a month and that report is always empty.

Thanks for your comments.

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Partner Accredited Certified

Hi Tom, there is a Vault configured and being used in the platform. I would say its the same version, but I will confirm and let you know. Also I dont see errors on the data collection.

Thanks for the comments.