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Opscenter report for backups failed after 3 days?

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Hi all - is there any way of creating a report in Opscenter that would show backups that have failed after 3 days?  

There a report in place now that shows daily backup failures, it gets sent to an SNMP trap and then that goes on to another third party application which creates an alert email.  The issue here is that it creates a lot of noise, there are often backups which fail for only a day or two because of server maintenance etc - what I'm interested in are only those which fail for 3 days in a row (as that is the general timeframe for investigating etc)


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Should be possible but you'll need the analytics version + your local dba to create you a custom sql script. 

Thanks for that, I'm not sure if whe have it - I'll look into it.

Are there any examples of the type of syntax they would use posted anywhere?

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I've not seen a request like that before so I doubt there would be something on the forum. Finding the tables / columns would be easy but the real work would be getting a DBA to write out thel query to look at the previous 3 instances of a result and then decide whether or not to include it in a report.


OK - thanks though for the steer in the right direction.