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OpsCenter - Exclude clients in daily backup report

We have a daily report pack made up of Daily Failures + Job Analyzer + SLP Status.On the daily failures report, when a VM failure occurs OpsCenter will include the NBU appliance that was running the backup in the report. Example;phcnbu03-bac = applia...

josho by Level 2
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OpsCenter 8.0 logon & branding

If you logon to OpsCenter 8.0 from Firefox its branded as a Veritas product in all the screens. If you logon with MS- I.E. its a Symantec branded product.  I wonder if there are any other differences under the hood? 

Jim-90 by Level 6
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Tape written report in opscenter

Hi allI'm looking for a report in the Opscenter for tape written by month. i need Date,Mediaserver,VolumePool, MediaId,Size in GB.Can anyone help me?ThanksTom

Tom_Egger by Level 4
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Resolved! OpsCenter Login page not coming up

Hi guys,Have restarted OpsCenter several times ( stop/start) and rebooted the server but login page still hanging.No error message on screen. Just waiting for opscenter....Telnet on port 443 shows that the port is open so this tells me tha...

Resolved! Problems with Schedule Name display option in tabular report

Hi everyone.I created a custom tabular report in order to have Backup,Archive,Snapshot failed and partially successful jobs of the previous day, with these display options:Job Primary ID, Job Type, Status Code, Policy Name, Client Name, Schedule Name...

karnak by Level 3
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opscenter not collecting data

opscenter stopped colleting data since 2 days , i have restarted all services but same issuebelow is attached picture of error , it stop collection jobs status giving "Running collection o of 50000"   

sa2 by Level 4
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OpsCenter install 7.7.3 - Fatal Error During Installation

Being trying to install opscenter on a windows 2008r2 but it just passes a few install points and then it rollback the installation with fatal error. You can find the logs attached.Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thank youRegards,Vassilis

Script to Backup OpsCenter and Associated Config Files

Thought i would share to all who might be able to benefit from thisScript ran through powershell does the followingCreate Backup Directories for DataBase Backup and Config FilesCopies the Config files to the backup directoryPerforms the DataBase Back...

Resolved! Opscenter upgrade from to 8.0

Hi , I'm planning to upgrade the Opscenter to 8.0 which is installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 (64bit OS)Current version : this change feasible or should I be upgrading to 7.7.3 first and then to 8.0Kindly help. I have only the Integrated a...

Package.png NBU8.0_Admin guide.png
dugga by Level 4
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Resolved! Opscenter Report is not showing times with Daylight savings

I have generated a report in opscener using sql to generate a report and it gets the start time and end time off by 1 hour. The time would be correct if we weren't in daylight savings right now and it will be over in a week or so. I do have the user ...

thebtm by Level 3
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Resolved! info minumum base time in schedules

Hi all,we have an OPscenter analytics in 7.7.3. I would need to send a report every 1 hour, but the minimum time that I can set in schedules is Daily:the only way that I can see is to create a Time Schedule for each hour, can you confirm ??Does' not ...

stucci by Level 6
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Add Selections to Backup Schedule in OPS Centre Report

Hello Folks,I have attached an OPS Centre Analytics (7.7.3) SQL report which I think I convieniently picked up from one of these forums sometime ago. It shows the backup policy details (Policy Name, Client Name, Schedule, Backup Windows, Start Time, ...

Woo by Level 3
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Resolved! Combo "client backups" and "catalog" report?

Has anyone written a report that combines "client backups" with the "stored on" information from the Catalog screen?Specifically, what I'm looking for is we resently decided to completely phase out tapes but I have some long-term tapes out there that...

D_Flood by Level 6
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